Get Out of Debt Now!

Get Out of Debt Now!

If ever there was a time to get out of debt, that time is now! We know it is easier said than done, but for the sake of your peace of mind (which contributes to your overall health), do make every effort possible to get out of debt NOW!

Too much is going on now in the world to have the worries of owing someone else weighing you down. There is nothing better than the freeing feeling of satisfaction when you know that you owe no one!

Many households have a least one member that is dealing with credit card debt and though this has been made to be the norm, it is certainly not a normal way to LIVE!

The worries that can come from owing others advanced funds is best avoided as much as possible. We know life happens and things come up that may require borrowing or using a credit card to avert a bigger crisis…this is understandable and if you absolutely must then do so.

Handle Your Business

Getting a handle on your life will help you handle your business. Seriously, a lot of the time people get in debt trying to impress others or keep up with the latest and “greatest” trends. Is this absolutely necessary? Heck, NO!

Life should not be about what your outward appearance is…be it your physical looks, the car you are driving, or the house you are mortgaging to hopeful “own” someday.

Before you decide to go down the DEBT road, take a moment and reflect on what your future will look like financially with this newly added debt.

Ask yourself, is this object would the stress of having to pay it back? Is it something I just can’t do without? Is this something that will help put food on the table or provide a basic human need like shelter, sustenance, or clothing?

Meet Your Basic Needs and Stop There!

We all as living beings need the basic necessities of life – food (including water), shelter, and clothing. And please do reason your way into getting the latest Nikes sneakers or that Under Armour gear citing it’s a basic need (i.e. clothing) – decking out your person in name brand gear is not a necessity – it is most definitely a want!

Make it your aim in this season that we are all in to meet your basic needs and stop there! Stuck up on your food and make sure you and your family have adequate shelter and clothing.

It is very easy to get lost in the YOLO (You Only Live Once) Mindset and find yourself in the end fully immersed in unnecessary debt, as well as, worldly possessions. And at some point in time you will realize that it was not worth the headache. This is not to say you shouldn’t enjoy your life, but do so in a way that makes the most sense for your household and finances.

Simplify Your Life!

A simple life can bring great joy, but few ever realize it, because we are often inundated with worldly things that bring a temporary feeling of happiness.

Simplify your life means living minimally with only what you are in need of with very few to no luxury or unnecessary items that bring no benefit to your overall happiness.

Keep an eye on where your money is going on a weekly to monthly basis and chances are you will find a slue of un-necessary venues that eat away at your finances. For help simplifying your expenses get an advisor from a reputable company like this.

Simplifying your life can be highly beneficial in addressing the issue of debt, by providing some financial gains. And through those gains you can reclaim some ground on being debt FREE!

You can sell goods that you own that are of no use to you or simply provide no value besides taking up space and or creating clutter in your home or place of residence.

Getting rid of un-necessary clothes, shoes, furniture, cookware, etc. can result in a nice amount of money to start off a savings account or add to one. So, don’t underestimate the value of what you have and take a look around your home for some ideas and things that can fetch some get out of debt money quick.

Getting An Extra Source of Income to Fall Back On

More than ever this is a common thought pattern among those who clearly see the writing on the wall. Getting an extra source of income to fall back on should be at the top priority list of every household not just in America, but the world over.

Getting an extra source of income helps prevent the possibility of getting into debt, due to a crisis because your extra income should be an emergency fund of some sort. However, if it is a supplement to your current income, then you will need to evaluate whether your main source of income is worth keeping…you may need to find a better paying job.

But do having a good paying job, mean you shouldn’t get an extra source of money? Absolutely not! Extra income source(s) can be a second job or two, but it all depends on what your plans and needs are in the long run.

An extra source of income does not need to be a “job” in the conventional sense of a job. There are thing you may find that you like to do on a regular basis that can provide you and your household additional income, you just have to have the discipline to do them.


Hobbies are a great way of earn extra money as they are fun and easy on your overall mental capacity, since they often involve less stress.

Hobbies are one of the best ways to make extra money and help alleviate stress on your household financially. Plus there is the added bonus of stress relief that comes from doing something you absolutely love doing and you are getting paid for it.

Hobbies can range from selling plants you are gardening to making arts and crafts like clay pots and cookware. Such hobbies if done well are hobbies that can earn you a substantial chunk of change.

Explore Your Talents and Make Them Work for You!

Talents! Now talents may border along the lines of hobbies, but there are certain things that you may just be gifted in, but not necessarily go out of your way to do.

For instance, problem solving – being a good problem solver could earn you money, as not everyone is well equipped with skills on how to approach problems, let alone solve them. This where your talent at critical thinking, analyzing, and strategizing will come in handy! So, if this is something you are excellent at, certainly consider starting a side gig that involves you helping others solve their problems, while earning a good amount of money.

Talents, unlike hobbies, may not exactly be a stress free route to earning money to help reduce your debt, but they can be a major way to gain a good financial footing when it comes to tackling debt and or putting away some money for emergencies.

You can opt to use your talent directly or indirectly, but teaching someone else what you know…become a tutor or coach and help someone else broaden their skills or even sharpen shared talent(s).

Your talent has an even greater potential at earning you money especially when backed by a certificate or degree in that particular talent. This is not to say you will always need documentation to prove your worth talent wise, but in some arenas this is a must and certainly helps a great degree (no pun intended).

For example, Counseling, Financial Advisors, are arenas that one might be talented in (i.e. good listener and adviser; or great with numbers and balancing accounts), but having the added paperwork reflecting that talent officially will do a world of good. So, certainly weigh you options and explore your talents and make them work for you!

Content Creator

This is a popular arena that both talented and not so talented people can prevail, it all depends on luck and the appeal of content created.

If you have the time and some needed tools, you certainly can use content creation as a means of income, whether it’s making videos/vlogging or blogging. Or Both, it is possible to find your audience – that special group of people who find you interesting and want to hear what you have to say. So find your niche and work it to your benefit and get out of debt quicker!


Get out of debt now and help ensure a better and more peaceful future. There is nothing more freeing than knowing you owe no one and can “write your own checks” for any future expenses. Even though this is easier said than done, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth making every effort possible to reduce and minimize your debt and or risk or getting into debt. So, start now and make freedom from debt (be it credit card, loans [student or otherwise]) a reality and not just a far-fetched dream! Like this article? Then, be sure to share and check out this article for more ways to earn money.

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