Trust Blindly That is the Way?

So, who do you trust when you can’t even trust your local church pastor or designated pastor of your choosing? This is not the article you may be thinking it is…. Back to the point at hand, people often think it is okay to elevate a single individual to an iconic “god” status, when in actuality they should be seeking the spirit. The Holy Spirit – of the one true living God as their source of strength and guidance. The message being sent time and time again is trust blindly, that is the way!

I do NOT by any means condone separating one’s self from the structure of true fellowship; however, the church today falls short of the glory of God evident on Earth and is therefore, leading many astray all in the name of fame and dollar, dollar bills.

Too Many Wayward Preachers

Too many wayward preachers and so-called pastors…yeah, you know the type! They have been plastered on the news and many social avenues for the past decade plus. All sins under the rainbow! It’s a free fall ya’ll! All things devilish are being accepted in churches today and the Bible teaches us that we should despise and turn away from such things.

There are way too many wayward preachers and all these fake act pastors are revealing themselves and will continue to reveal themselves as time continues. From the idolaters, adulterers, back biters, liars, thieves, blasphemers, abusers, hypocrites, coveters, fame seekers, greed filled connivers, to the Bible benders. Many people find themselves looking up to such leaders as their pastors and following them blindly down that broad pathway to hell.

Too many wayward preachers, learn to test the spirits ya’ll…whether they are of God or not!

Learn to Walk in the Holy Spirit on Your Own!

If you designate any one man as your pastor i.e. spiritual leader in this lifetime, do so wisely for many are wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, if you learn to walk in the spirit on your own and you familiarize yourself with the Bible. And you will have ample knowledge on how to recognize them (Jeremiah 14, 2 Peter, Mathew 24, Proverbs [more so for personal growth and wisdom] are a good place to start).

Once you recognize them, you will need to pray for God’s leadership and choose to continually walk in that leadership going forward and he will lead you to your next course of action.


Many so called preachers, a.k.a. pastors are filled with so much more filth than the people they are suppose to be pastoring.

Growing up in a christian household, with a pastor for a father, the hypocrisy was real. Wandering eyes led to a broken home, but somehow he pastored and continues to pastor others on how to stay in “holy matrimony” – HYPOCRITE – and yet, the church follows blindly. Only those with true discernment, parted ways.

The Slaps in the Face

Then, came the slaps in the face time and time again, helping the children of others all the while leaving his own to fend for themselves, forgotten birthdays, lack of overall interest, once a year calls (if it was a “lucky” year). And the saddest moment of all, the passing of one child, the lack of care and attention and excuses to not show up to his own child’s funeral. The cold indifference continued and direct statements were made “the church has many of his children” – a life changing, eye opening moment, therefore, moving on with God’s help.

Dirty Heart Can’t Wash With Soap

But, “Wait a minute”, you might be pondering, “What did his children and former wife do?”. Well, his former wife was no saint, but, his children, followed the Christian way and honored their parents as close to perfection as possible. …not the stereotypic PKs (Preacher’s Kids), most people expected (i.e. devil with an angelic face [at least on Sundays]). However, that was no deterrent for a high esteemed pastor to turn and walk away from his family. Just to go on to be with a Jezebel Spirit in the church – now they are both “Mr and Mrs. Highly Esteemed Pastors” worshipped and revered by many.

There are many other examples of tainted leaderships in the church, both in the media and in private circles, if people choose to see the truth.


Test the spirits and be very careful who you place on a pedestal for we are ALL MERE mortals. Walk in the Holy Spirit and if you are blessed to find a Holy Spirit filled church and pastor, then you will often find that the teachings you received align with what the Lord has already confirmed or placed in your spirit. Don’t trust blindly, that is the way!

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