This is Not Right Human Rights Equality Now

This is a photo that has been floating around on the internet for a while now and it is disappointing and disgusting. This is mentally demoralizing for these girls and many should be in uproar – this is not right human rights equality now!! There needs to be consequences and regulations put in place to deter this kind of behavior…this certainly would not be happening in other parts of the world without dire consequences.

In today’s day and age, this should not be happening and there needs to be restrictions in place to protect youths, women, and those who can not defend themselves. Some may make the argument that it is custom in certain areas of the continent for females to go partially bare, but that does not excuse this behavior by foreigners. It is simply disrespectful (seems like the human zoo exhibition all over again…with little to no consequences).

The government of African nations should seriously take a look at the rules and regulations they had in place for foreign that come into their country. There should be clear and strict guidelines and restrictions in place for the those who are exploiting the continent for its resources…. Because let’s keep it real, they are not there to help the continent of Africa and that is bad enough, but taking it a step further to hurt the people, let alone the youth is disgustingly disgraceful for all parties involved.

It is clear on these girls’ faces that they are aware they are being made fun of and put on display. And they seem aware that something isn’t right with the situation they found themselves in, but…. This is not right, morals and values need to be upheld and if there is none, then it certainly needs to be taught and frequently reiterated.


It is up to people with moral values inside and outside of the continent of Africa to make sure this means of exploitation does not continue and to ensure that measures are put into place to punish offenders and to deter those who may feel oblige to do this on the continent. The governments of the various countries on the continent of Africa need to band together and set up rules and regulations for all that enter the continent to do business, as well as, possibly reside so there are no issues of this sort. No one needs to be put on display in such a manner – it is not right human rights equality now!!

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