Self Awareness | Being The Best You By Removing Toxicity in Your Life

Our environment is not the only source of toxicity in our lives. We are not all born with the perfect friends or family and through the hustle and bustle of life we may find ourselves lost and beaten down by life. But at some point in time we need to take an active approach in looking for the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. And this may include reevaluating your life and assessing what is more important and what isn’t. You may even find yourself asking the following questions: Who is worth keeping close and who is better kept at a distance? What is the best way to lead my life and how can I ensure I get on the path to leading my life in the best way possibly? All of these questions and more are part of self awareness and how you can promote being the best you by removing toxicity in your life. 

The Negative Aspects of Dealing with Toxic People

Now, you already know that there are other factors that come into play here. And some of those factors may prove limiting, but it is always up to you to find a creative way of approaching those limitations. Some of these factors may prove to be extremely challenging, whereas others may not.



One such factor that can be very challenging is getting rid of all that is toxic, including those toxic folks you may or may not be related to. It is quite unfortunate that at times those toxic people in your life are family members and or friends you were once close to, but rest assure that releasing those around you that pull you down or weigh heavily on your soul is quite freeing and can bring about breakthrough in your life. Keep this in mind, that if they are not for you then they are against you and they can and will negatively impact your life. Whether it is through the way you view yourself, self-worth, capabilities, and all or affect the way you treat those close to you when you give them the power to invade your thoughts and steal precious time from those you love. And in the worst case scenario, create a wedge between you and those who truly care for your well-being, by causing you to be in a bad mood, lashing out at those closest to you. This can then result in hurt feelings and even grudges held by your loved ones.

The stress that toxic people inflict is not only emotional/ mental, but also physical as well. Such negative interactions can impact your body in adverse and irreversible ways. Your heart health is one such ways in which emotional stress of toxic influencers can seriously impact your health negatively. You see the heart and brain are connected and when there is discord in the heart the brain perceives that pain and the body can receive and interpret it in ways such as creating tumors or causing anxiety and dis-ease within.


How to Recognize the Toxic Influencers in Your Life

If you find yourself having panic attacks or just merely dreading the thought of face to face interaction with someone, then you may be dealing with a toxic influencer. There are exceptions to this case scenario, so be sure to thoroughly assess the situation and the party involved, as well as, past interactions with such party, so you can see if it is rooted in the way they speak or interact with you or whether you have a part to play in how they perceive you and believe you should be treated.

If you find that after talking to a certain friend or family member and you find yourself emotionally drained or bogged down then you may be dealing with a toxic individual, though in some cases not an intention on their part. And this is where you should speak up and set boundaries on what levels your conversations should reach. If they are constantly complaining to you about a particular person or issue and they are doing nothing to rectify the situation, then speak up. If they are coming to you for advice and taking none of it when it comes to addressing the situation(s) then its time to speak up. If they are constantly pointing the finger at others and taking none of the responsibility for their actions and decisions then it is time to speak up and set those boundaries.


Another way you will know you are dealing with negative influencers is if you find yourself changing in a negative way, i.e you find yourself referencing those toxic influencers as the reason for your bad mood and or behavior, then you know the toxic influencers have invaded your space and are ruling your actions. So, time to give them the boot!

If you find yourself fantasizing about ways to get back at someone or seeing them fall flat on their face, then you know you are dealing with a toxic influencer and they are impacting you to the core. And it is time to handle the situation and take the power back over your thoughts and emotions.

But How Can I Go About Letting Go of Toxic People?

If you are someone who believes in God, then be sure to take this decision to the Lord in prayer to get your confirmation and put those people in his hands. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised that some of them may change their ways. Now if the toxic people happen to be your parent(s), then this can prove extra challenging. There are two ways to handle this one of which is to severe all ties. Another option is to maintain ties, but to set the boundaries openly and make it known that you are there for them when needed, but would rather not have an ongoing or a close relationship with them. Clearly, list out the main reasons for distancing yourself and more often than not they will have a response or rebuttal to your claim (which is quite alright). After all, everyone has their own perception and reasoning for doing things the way they choose. Just be sure you have enough emotional support from the one you love and that love you back and it can be a bit tasking and you may find yourself questioning your decision to let go.

Also, make sure when you do let go of the toxic people in your life, to draw closer to the Lord and to the people in your life that have proven they are there for you. This will help balance your emotions and over the course of time, your life.



A great sense of relief will be present once you do this, especially, if you do this correctly and make sure the air is clear, so to speak.

Now, I realize that this may not always be possible, especially if the other party involved is combative and refuses to hear you out; however, as long as you know you tried to amicably resolve or absolve your relationship, then you certainly have no need to worry and or stress over them.




In today’s world where up is down and left is right, you certainly have to find ways to adapt to the surrounding changes, as well as, the changes you may see in the people you interact with. Just make sure that the impact you have on others, as well as the impact they have on you is overall a positive one. After all, we only have one life to live and we should strive to do so in the best possible way. Even if, it means letting go of the toxicity in your life.


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