Mental Health Issues | A Growing Epidemic

Mental health issues or mental illness is no longer an issue that should be swept under the rug. If you follow the news closely, you know by now that you can be bombarded (almost on a daily basis) with crimes that are often times related to some form of mental illness. And unfortunately it’s not just about crimes, but suicides as well. And on another level, eating disorders and a variety of other disorders both physical and emotional. Mental health issue is a growing epidemic and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better….



So, What Exactly Classifies as a Mental Problem?

Now, this is not totally black and white, because most of us know or can reference at least one or two situations, whether personal or taken from a news broadcast. And it is often a situation where someone who seemed so nice and pleasant suddenly snaps or becomes unhinged.

When such a situation hits close to home, we suddenly are faced with examining ourselves, as well as, the individual involved to see what signs we missed and how we could have possibly missed them. Sometimes there simply are no warning signs. And other times there are big blaring signs that might as well have been neon, flashing billboards …because it is just that obvious.

Mental problems are manifestations of instability in the mind, whether chemically induced or related to a chemical imbalance. Or simply, spiritually related. Mental issues can also be spurred by gradual or rapid deterioration of the brain and it’s ability to process things in a proper manner.

Sometimes the break in thought processes and the ability to decipher right from wrong occurs as a result of highly negative external stimuli that becomes complete overload for the mind.

Other times it is the failure within the body itself that can result in chemical changes and imbalances that can lead to depression, altered moods or mood swings, and changes in mental capacity and capabilities.


How to Counteract Mental Illness 

Diet is the first and foremost way to counteract or preemptively strike the issue of mental wellness. A good well balanced diet filled with lots of nutritious veggies and a limited amount of meat (let the meat portion be a quarter of your plate or less) is a very good start.

Also, replacing a meal or two each day with a smoothie or two will help fill in your daily quota for veggies and fruits all in one and give your body a highly needed boost in healing itself in between meals and during restful sleep.

Your body is constantly in corrective mode whether due to external or internal factors so why not provide it with all the nutrients it needs to get moving along in the right direction?

High fiber vegetables provide a great boost to the digestive process and help the intestines cleanse themselves of toxins as waste moves through.



Eating foods loaded with prebiotics and probiotics help the digestive processes as well, since lingering toxins can enter the bloodstream and can cause gradual and in some cases,  rapid deterioration of various functions in the body.

Having a healthy dialogue is also helpful when it comes to maintaining a positive mental status. Holding grudges is certainly toxic to mental health and is best if handled or “squashed” before it festers into something bigger or irreversibly damaging to you and or others.

Toxic thoughts foster an array of toxic behaviors and changes within the body of those who harbor such thoughts. This is why you often hear unforgiveness likened to drinking rat poison and expecting the other person (a.k.a the source of your resentment) to die.


Limiting Alcohol  Use

If at all possible, eliminate drinking alcohol or at least limit it to a once in a while occasion. Alcohol puts unnecessary stress on the body and in particular  the liver and we want our bodies to function in the optimum way possible. Because that is what keeps us healthy and strong and boosts longevity, so limiting alcohol use is a must in our book.


Work It Out!

Working out is good for the body and the brain. So, keeping active is also a key factor in maintaining brain health. It gets your juices flowing and helps clear the brain of fog by helping the body’s cleansing and healing capabilities be more efficient.


Developing A Sound Mind

You can help yourself stay in control of yourself physically and mentally,  not to mention emotionally,  by choosing to make time for yourself.

Find time to relax and unwind on a deeper level through prayer and meditation.  Pray and put it in God’s  hand and then let it go. Then meditate and get into a deeper space in your mind and let the peace of God flow through you. Revel in the fact that his grace and mercy is sufficient and knows that He is there for you and continue to let His peace flow. I know not everyone believes in God, so it is up to you….



This one is self explanatory. A smile can brighten up someone’s day, so get in the habit of putting your best [face] forward and flash that beautiful smile as much as you can. Yes, not everyone will be receptive, but hey  just look at it this way, you burned some extra calories and it is certainly worth it.

Sometimes the simplest form of kindness in the form of a smile or show of appreciation or giving encouragement  or even lending a listening ear can turn someone’s  life around and keep  them from going  down the rabbit hole so to speak.  And prevent them from taking a turn in a downward spiral.


Surround Yourself with Love

Love is powerful and the mor eyou surround yourself self with it the more you find yourself at peace and in a joyful mood. Spend time with those you love as much as possible. Make it a point of inviting or making your way over to close friends or family members homes and take a break from technology  and social media.

Make it a priority to just physically be there for each other listening and hashing things out, whether between each other or in regards to situations with others.

Care and love can prove helpful to someone in your life so be sure to stay alert and keep the wellbeing of others a priority. And let the people in your life know you care and take it a step further by showing them.


Although mental issues plague society, there are ways to prevent or reduce the effects and we must do our parts in helping one another overcome and persevere throught this lifetime. We are each others keeper and it’s time we act that way and should that we care and some of the mental issues we see on the uprise will start to dwindle. Mental issue is no longer a matter to be swept away under the rug. It is a growing epidemic that needs to be addressed and hopefully nipped in the bud in order to see a huge difference. If you or someone you love is suffering from mental issues, do consider seeking professional help if necessary, especially if you find the issue to be well beyond your scope of help or dealing with it. And know that feeling ashamed or deterred should not be your deciding factor in seeking the help needed.

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