The Importance of Drinking Water and Are You Getting Enough

The Importance of Drinking Water and Are You Getting Enough

Hydration is the key component to a healthy, happy body, in fact it is the foundation of good health. Let’s face it, we are beings designed to function primarily on water – 60% to 70% of our body is made up of water. It is vital to our bodily functions, present in all our cells, organs, and bodily fluids. Our bodies need and crave water and in many ways, it is used to keep us running efficiently mentally, physically, and emotionally. It keeps our skin glowingly supple & clear from breakouts and helps us enjoy the added benefit of being energized. The importance of drinking water is so great that the question must be asked, are you getting enough?


What is Enough When it Comes to Drinking Water?

Eight, 8oz glasses is the daily recommendation, but it is merely a daily minimum and depends largely on the individual and their day to day activities. If you are physically active, then eight 8oz glasses is hardly the minimum for proper hydration. Bearing in mind your weight, health status and conditions in addition to your level of physical activities are your prime determinants of what your water intake should be and how frequently you should drink water in order to stay hydrated.



To stay properly hydrated, you should drink approximately 67 percent or two-thirds of your weight in water, that’s your weight x 67 percent. For example, 67 percent or 2/3 of a 90lb person would be calculated as 90 x 67%= 60 (or 90 x .67= 60) versus 200 x 67% = 134. Which means that a 90lb person would need about 60 ounces in water for them to stay hydrated versus 134 ounces for a 200lb person to stay hydrated.

If you are physically active and sweat a lot, then add at least 24oz of water to your calculated water intake for every hour of hardcore activities in order to stay properly hydrated.

In the case that you fall ill, make sure to stay hydrated constantly as your body is in need of copious amounts of water to help it fend off what ails you. But do not go overboard as that could result in water intoxication or hyponatremia, a condition that develops when there is an electrolyte imbalance in the body due to excessive water intake within a short amount of time – basically, the level of sodium in your blood drops dangerously low.


Great Ways to Stay Hydrated

Not getting enough water often results in the slowing down of metabolic functions of the body, so much so, that our body’s ability to efficiently eliminate wastes and fats is negatively impacted, so hydration is an absolute must.

Water is the ultimate when it comes to hydration, but it does not need to be your only means of hydration. Water infusions, flavored water, unsweetened tea; eating fruits and veggies like watermelons, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes among many others that are well-known to be loaded with water are also great means of getting much-needed water into your body with the added bonus of nutrients that are quickly transported into your cells plus an added boost in fiber.

If you take it with you, then you won’t forget – get a water bottle that is at least 32oz or even better a 64oz bottle and carry it with you as you head out the door.

Cues from Your Body that Let You Know How Hydrated You Really Are

Jitters, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, thirst, irritable mood, mental fog, muscle cramps; breakout prone skin, racing heartbeat, fewer trips to the bathroom, dark to medium yellow colored urine, excessively dry skin are just some symptoms or cues from your body that let you know you need more water.

To really understand the gravity of dehydration, you must truly understand how much of a role water plays in our day-to-day bodily functions.

Our digestive system needs water in order to digest the foods we eat. Organs, such as, kidneys, liver, and heart need water in order to properly function. Water is absolutely essential in ridding the body of waste and it is vital in the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout our body and one of its best rewarding properties is that it helps us get lusciously supple, youthful skin. So if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, then most certainly take the time to examine your day-to-day water intake and make adjustments accordingly.


Steps to Take to Remedy Dehydration

Whether it is brought on by lack of drinking enough water and or by the loss of too much water, the fact still remains that depleted water levels in the body must be replenished and quickly.

If you are on medications, detoxing, or on certain diets, then the possibility of dehydration may increase as some medications, detox herbs and teas can act as diuretics causing greater loss of fluids in the body than normal. Also, certain diets may require higher water intake and use to help the body get rid of fat.

If you feel symptoms of dehydration, drink plenty of fluids preferably ones with electrolytes, to help remedy the situation quicker and prevent severe dehydration requiring medical attention.



Conclusion – Hydration the Foundation of Good Health

Water helps our body feel energized and refreshed. It helps our body perform many of its daily functions and is crucial to our existence, so staying hydrated is an absolute must for optimal function. Whether you drink it straight, infuse it with fruits, blend in some juices, brew in some tea leaves (minus the sugar of course), eat a few of your favorite fruits, and or dole out some money for your favorite sports drink, just be sure that you get plenty of it – your body needs it and will thank you.



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15 Replies to “The Importance of Drinking Water and Are You Getting Enough”

  1. Hi Lem, I found your post to be very informative and helpful. Loved learning about all the varied plants and herbs one can add to water to make it more palatable. I am one of the fortunate people who has always enjoyed drinking water so it is not a hardship for me. I always have a glass of water at my side and drink throughout the day. What good advice to seek medical advice before adding some of the herbs etc. This is a great post and I wish you all the best. Kind regards, Jill

    1. Great to hear you love water, as not everyone does. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for checking out my article.

      Best regards.

  2. Very informative article. I use to drink a lot of sweet drinks. It is only recently when I notice I should drink more plain water then any other sweet drinks as it is actually the most healthy option.

    1. Plain water is definitely the way to go. I sometimes have to watch out for those sweet drinks myself.

      Thank you for checking out my article.

  3. Hi great information on remaining hydrated especially as 60 to 70% of our body is made up of water, if you workout you would also need to drink more consistently through out the day as well as you sweat more.

    1. True. Thanks for reiterating that – it is very important to replenish water lost. πŸ™‚

  4. I never monitor my pure water intake although I’m often drinking liquids such as juice and coffee, after drinking these I follow them by drinking water as well. Your suggestion to have bottled water all the time would be really helpful to avoid dehydration. At least when we get used to having bottled water by our side, it would form a habit to drink water at all times. Great info right there, keep it up!

    1. Yes, most definitely, carrying a water bottle certainly helps as a reminder to drink more water. Thank you for checking out my article.

  5. Lem,
    Drinking water is an important part of my day. With the trackers that people use now, they can add the water to their daily input, so it can be tracked. I use a Fitbit.
    What do you recommend to track your water intake daily.

    1. Yes, technology can prove helpful in this matter. I, however, prefer to use a 32oz, and sometimes even a 64oz bottle that I fill up at least 3xs a day. πŸ™‚

  6. Hello, I enjoyed reading your site articles on hydration. The issues that being under hydrated could cause listed many I was not aware of . They were an eye opener and I will focus on getting the right amount of water. Thanks.

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