Goji Berry – LIVE Plant


Goji Berry live plant for sale. So many healthy benefits in not just the berries, but the leaves as well.



Goji Berry (Lyceum barbarism) is a relatively easy to care for plant and is highly productive. This is a beautiful plant with lots of uses and health benefits.

Goji berries help protect the body from cancer and give an incredible boost to the immune system, thereby helping fight off illnesses. Other benefits of Goji berries include stabilizing blood sugar levels and helping promote healthy eyes. Both the berries and leaves are very valuable in maintaining a healthy living. So, why not include this plant in your home garden today and reap all the health benefits it has to offer?

This listing is for one live Goji Berry Plant! You will receive a plant that is at least 8 inches tall.


Our plants are organically grown and cared for until they make their way to their new homes (then, it is surely up to you).

We ship typically on Mondays and Tuesdays. Express shipping is available if requested.


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