Is Taking Nascent Iodine Worth the Risk

Best to ditch the iodized salt and reach for nascent iodine or should you, keep reading to find out, is taking nascent iodine is really worth the risk?

What is Nascent Iodine?

For those who may be wondering what is nascent iodine, it is atomic iodine that is readily available for the body to digest. The body quickly  accepts and absorbs this form no of iodine more so than the form available in table salt, but if you can’t find this form of iodine, then go with the table salt or preferably a more natural  form of salt.


Why is Nascent Iodine Impotant?

Iodine is very important to thyroid function and the production of thyroid hormones which in turn affects the function of various organ in the body.

Heart health, your body’s immune system and ability to regulate temperature, as well as, your metabolic rate are affected by your thyroid function. So, you can certainly see that a well functioning thyroid is of the utmost importance and the thyroid is one of the most important organs is your body. So, keep it healthy and happy and you will feel much better and your energy levels will definitely improve.



Taking any supplementation should be done under guidance of a family physician that is well versed in your individual health care needs. 

Also, Beware that not all nascent iodine are created equally,  so do your research and select the best option for you and your health care needs.



It only takes a few drops to get your daily requirements and the benefits are seen in a short amount of time. Benefits such weight loss, increase in energy levels, prevention of goiters. This is a good option when it comes to nascent iodine and so is this supplement.


Other Options to Supplementation Using Nascent Iodine 

As with most supplements, nature or natural is best and this can be one of those instances; however, due to the rapid absorption, this may very well be the most feasible option when it comes to iodine intake and correcting thyroid issues in the quickest way. Now,  when it comes to hyperthyroidism or any thyroid conditions that may change for the worse if not properly managed, do consult your physician and avoid self treating.


Foods you can eat to boost your iodine intake are whole eggs, tuna (be mindful of the mercury content), seaweed (Wakame, Nori, and most of all Kombu Kelp are great sources of iodine), and seafood like shrimp are great places to start in boosting your iodine. If you have issues with eating shrimp, we completely understand and would highly recommend the seaweed route.


Keeping your diet balanced and in check will help prevent imbalances and of course minimizing your stress levels will keep your thyroid from getting out of whack to begin wit . Thereby, saving your from a whirlwind of issues.


Dangers of Nascent Iodine

There are dangers to using nascent iodine,  but most of them exist when used incorrectly,  so always choose to follow the recommended doseage unless otherwise instructed by your physician. So, on to the dangers….


Dangers of taking nascent iodine include,  but are not limited to the following: you may experience allergic reactions based on your level of sensitivity, facial swelling can be an issue.

Also, inflammation in the joints and thyroid gland can be an issue as a result of excessive intake of nascent iodine.

Other dangers include fluid build up in the lungs,  thyroid cancer; and a condition in which an abnormal level of the disease fighting white blood cells know as Eosinophils are present in the blood (which can be the case with severe allergic reactions to nascent iodine or due to the body reacting to resulting cancerous growth.

So, all in all do ample research and consult with your doctor, but most importantly know your body and recognize the signs. So, it so happens that this form of supplementation doesn’t agree with you, then you can you can nip it in the bud and work with your doctor on finding a better alternative.



So, is it worth it to try nascent iodine? Absolutely! But do so only if your have thyroid issues that your physician feels can be corrected through proper supplementation. Just be sure to stay within your recommended dosage or intake to prevent overdoing it and causing negative side effects.


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