Is Blogging Still Profitable?

Before getting into blogging you should have an idea of what your main focus should be for your site. You should  also have in mind how you will structure you site to make it b profitable for you. And you must have goals you set for your site, i.e. increasing traffic or visitors to your site, incorporating features or plugins that will help users interact better with your site, improve your site’s loading speed, etc.  So, with all factors considered what we aim to answer is the question of “Is blogging still profitable?”. 

Things to Consider Before You Start A Blog Site 

So, here are some of the things you should be considering before you start a blog site. 

First, determine what type of blog site you will be using – free vs paid and determine how you intend to pay for it – monthly or annually. If you are on a tight budget, this is a major determining factor. You can have a free site, but google will not rank your site compared to a paid site that you have purchase, in other words, a .com, .org, or .net domain that you came up with and purchased. 

Having your own personal online real estate is great, but it is only the beginning. 

There is no guarantee that your site will be profitable or become a source of income for you, so have a backup plan and or a set time frame to achieve results. For instance, in 5 years if said site is not productive in anyway and is instead costing you money to maintain then it is time to pull the plug. 

When looking at blogging, you need to be realistic. Set aside time to maintain your blog by putting out articles in a timely manner and making sure your site is running properly on many of the devices available nowadays. From desktop to mobile devices and tablets. Your site must make the best first impression on all fronts when it comes to loading time on these  devices. 

If you have a site that just isn’t getting ranked on Google, then you have one of two options, take down the site or really get into SEO and find out how to help boost your site so that you land on the first page of Google searches or at least the second. Because let’s be honest most people tend to search on look through the first two pages of search results at best. So the rest of Google search results might as well not be there. 

You can also make your efforts in blogging profitable by monetizing your site with ads and when your site is visited those ads can automatically run and earn you a few pennies on the dollar or you may be blessed enough to have several of your visitors click on ads that can earn you a few dollars per click. But of course not all the earnings per click will go to you, only a small percentage since the company that makes those ads available to you will of course be taking whatever percentage they have outlined as their compensation. 

The best way to increase the revenue you earn from your site is to ensure you have  affiliate links included in your site for various products that targeted audience may be looking for and or your very own merchandise for sale. 

If you are the creative type, then coming up with your own merchandise will be decently easy, you can then either choose to hire someone to photograph your mechandise or watch a few videos  (YouTube or otherwise) on how to take photos so you can show your merchandise in good light and appeal to your readers/ site vistors to make a purchase.

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