Do Your Best to Get Out of Debt Now | Steps to Reducing Debt

This is the time to try your ultimate best to get out of debt! If you are at a point in your life where you find it hard to maneuver in your day to day affairs due to mounting debt, then it is time to introspect – consider and weigh all of your options and do your best to get out of debt now steps to reducing debt.

Where to Start?!

This is where to start! One of the ways to get out of debt is take a good look at the things you own and assess their values. You will at least come to the determination that there are things you own that you have very little use for or have no use for at all! …this opens up your very first venue through which debt elimination can start!

You now have the opportunity to sell things you do not need or have not used in years, therefore your chances of getting out of debt have increased several folds! It may not be instant, but it can certainly be a steady source of income solely dedicated to getting yourself and or the whole family out of debt.

Eliminate Debt Together!

Getting rid of some of your unwanted and unused possessions works even better if other members of your household join in this effort to help garner income to be dispensed toward reducing and eliminating debt. This can be done for each family member that is in debt within a given household by looking at each person’s debt and interest paid and then structure your plan accordingly.

Now, banding together as a family when it comes to debt elimination can be a muddy territory to charter, especially if a particular person in your family has an incredible large amount of debt. You certainly can work an agreement out to at least work on debt elimination together based on the person with the lowest debt, and make it as fair as possible for them….

Set a Timeline for Achieving Your Goal

So, it is always good to set a timeline for achieving your goal of being debt free. However, in order to have a set timeline you must have a plan in place.

Write down your plans and estimate your time line for accomplishing those plans.

Putting it in writing makes your plans and goals come alive! It not only gives you a point of reference when it comes to measuring your success and referring to steps needed to be takes, but provides you with much needed inspiration to carry on with what works in helping reduce and eliminate your debt. In some cases this will highlight areas that may need work or have proven to not be helpful to you in relation to your end goal – freedom from debt.

Use Technology to Your Advantage!

Yes, you can use technology to your advantage when it comes to debt elimination.

Having a savings calculator like this or this will certainly be of help when setting your timeline so you can achieve your goal in getting out of debt. After all, your extra earnings will be going into a savings account that is solely for the purpose of debt elimination.

Check your plans at least every month to make sure you are staying on course.

Give your self at least six months for small debts and two to three years for large sums of debt.

Stick to Your Plan!

Be disciplined and try your ultimate best to stick to your plan and follow the steps that are working for you. And in the odd case that none of your plans are working in getting you out of debt, then seek the help of a financial advisor.

Many banks such as Chase, Bank of America, and even Wells Fargo have financial advisors or bankers that are capable of helping you gain a good amount of knowledge on how to better handle your finances.

Get Help!

Get help! If it proves too hard for you to handle the planning and execution aspects of things.

A financial advisor can help highlight the areas in which you may be overspending and or excessive in shelling out your money. For instance, constantly eating out or going on expensive vacations. Or spending money on things that are not assets, i.e. things that do not make you money versus things that do make you money. Even worse is spending money on things that are liablilities – things that cost or will end up costing you money in the long run. For more info on how to get help click here.

Try Various Avenues for Achieving Your End Goal

As the old saying goes, there is more than one way to “skin” a cat – no need to take this literally – no support for animal cruelty here! …but this saying holds true in its meaning. That meaning being there is more than one way to do something if one puts their mind to it!

Try various avenues for achieving your end goal – freedom from debt! This will serve you well in many aspects in life and your finances are no different. Of course, do make sure to keep your venues of income legal.

Your Talents are Worth Something!

Your talents are worth something, so start by making a list of all the talents you have and all of the ways in which you have equipped yourself skill-wise. Then map out how you will put those skills and talents to work for you in the ultimate capacity.

Now, put those skills and talents to work in the physical, spiritual, and emotional space of things. Bring those thoughts and ideas to reality and visualize them coming to fruition – where there’s a will, there most certainly is a way without a doubt! So, get it done!

Other Money Making Avenues

One of the ways you will want to explore when it comes to earning extra monetary units is through online i.e., working from home -check out our article on how to make working from home work for you, here; online marketing, blogging, or affiliate marketing. These are just a few other money making avenues you can take.

Word of caution when it comes to affiliate marketing – don’t pay to join any affiliate group unless there are benefits to being a member, i.e. website hosing or some sort of perk that outweighs the cost. Most affiliate programs are free and the ones that aren’t tend to be a scam and the only people that make money are usually the owners and a few members who have been among the original group of affiliates…. So, proceed with caution when it comes to paying to join affiliate groups!

Getting a another job or a better paying job if at all possible is also a means of earning extra income to help reduce and eliminate debt.


We hope this will help jump start your journey to debt freedom and eliminating your debt as soon as possible. Debt does not need to run your life, so tackle it head on starting now and get things moving in the positive direction. If ever there was a time to get free from debt, it is certainly now! So do your best to get out of debt now!!!

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