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How to Prevent Covid 19

Covid-19 has been everyone’s focus lately and not without reason. It is a devastating virus that infects the body and causes thick mucus to form in the lungs resulting in pneumonia which basically drowns the person from within, as the thick mucus fills the lungs preventing the person from breathing. This quickly results in death as the mucus has been stated to solidify making it harder to get rid of, in addition to the fact that the process of reducing and ridding the lungs of mucus takes days. We would like everyone including all of our readers and subscribers to stay safe, so we have compiled a list of various tips we have gathered on how to help keep you stay safe from the Coronavirus. Prevention is always the keep so here is how to prevent Covid-19. #beatcovid-19

How to Prevent Covid-19 Tips

Tip #1 – Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drink plenty of hot fluids …soups, teas, coffee, lots of warm water are great ways to stay not only hydrated, but create a warm environment that is less favorable to viruses such as Covid-19. You can spruce up your warm water by adding the juice of half a lemon or a splash of apple cider vinegar. A good tablespoon of regular vinegar or apple cider vinegar in about 10 to 12 oz of warm water is a good start.

Tip #2 -Keep Hydrated

Keep hydrated by drinking warm fluids every half hour or so to help flush out your system and make it inhospitable for any virus that may have enter your mouth or other passage ways and is lurking around in the mouth or throat area waiting to enter into the respiratory tract.

Drinking copious amounts of hot fluids, especially so water and herbal teas every half hour will help kill the virus, or at least send to your stomach where digestive juices will neutralize it, reducing any threats it may pose to the respiratory system.

Tip #3 – Gargle

In the morning and evenings when you brush your teeth, make sure to gargle with a strong antiseptic, warm water and salt is a very good natural gargle. You premix or make as needed, 1/2 a tsp of salt in 6 oz of warm water is a simple gargle that can provide you with 3 to 4 days of gargle to help keep your mouth healthy and free of viruses.

Freshly squeezed lemon and or vinegar can also be substituted for salt. Add about a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half of either lemon or apple cider vinegar (regular vinegar is fine) to 6 to 8 oz of warm water and use as a natural antiseptic gargle.

If you happen to feel a sore throat coming on, then be sure to gargle immediately and every hour until sore throat is gone. Once the virus enters the throat, it can remain there for 3 to 4 days before it makes its way to the lungs, so err on the side of caution and do what you can to keep your mouth and throat inhospitable to any virus.

Tip #4 – Avoid Unnecessary Contact

Avoid rubbing your eyes, mouth, as well as, touching your nose at all times, especially if you haven’t washed your hands and more so than not, when you find yourself out and about out of necessity. This is to prevent any viruses and or bacteria you may have acquired through contact with a contaminated surface gaining free entrance into your body.

Tip #5 – Wash and Disinfect

Wash and disinfect all surfaces, especially those you come in contact with constantly… Yes, even metallic surfaces like stainless steel and copper must be washed and cleansed because the virus has been know to survive on unclean, metal surfaces for up to 9 days.

Tip #6 – What to Do with Your Shoes

Leave your shoes at the door and preferably disinfect them and leave them outside of your house. A pan or flat tray filled half way with water and mixed with a capful of bleach is a good way to disinfect sneakers or tennis shoes outside of the house (preferably old shoes you don’t mind being ruined by bleach!). Just be sure to leave your shoes outside to dry so you do not trek bleach throughout the house and also to keep from staining carpet or rugs.

You can also keep a sprayer bottle filled with rubbing alcohol that is 90% or higher and use this to spray and disinfect your shoes.

Lysol sprays are also a great alternative to disinfecting shoes after being out and about, as the Covid-19 virus can live under the soles of shoes for at least 5 days….

Another great alternative and friendlier disinfectant is highly salted water. This is something you can easily make yourself. You can use half a cup of salt in a gallon of water. Use this to spray your body and shoes. You can also use a salt solution to rinse inside your nostrils if you know you have been in contact with a lot of people.

Tip #7 – Re-evaluate Your Hygiene | Hair and Clothing

The virus can attach to hair and clothing, so cover your hair when you are out and about and or be sure to wash your hair when you get home. Detergents and soap will kill the virus as they break down the external “coating” of the virus, thereby, preventing it from functioning (i.e. making more viruses).

Also, get in the habit of taking a shower as soon as you get home, after being out and wash your hair as well if you wore it out uncovered. And be sure to throw your clothes in the washer or get them wash as soon as possible…leave them outside in your garage or balcony until you can wash them if you are unable to do so right away or if you do not have a washer readily available for laundry.

Take this time to re-evaluate your hygiene and habits, as well as, the products you use to keep up your hygiene.

Tip #8 – Getting Clean Water

If you haven’t already, get a whole house filtration system or at least one for your shower and drinking water to better ensure you are getting clean water for cleansing your body inside and out.

Tip #9 – Wash Your Hands Frequently

Wash your hands frequently, especially if you are preparing food or just simply have a habit of touching your face. Try to break the habit of frequently touching your face – this is the best you can do to prevent infecting yourself!! If you can’t wash your hands frequently, then carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer to help minimize the germs you may pick up from touching various objects throughout the day.

It is recommended that you wash your hands every 20 minutes or so if you are out and about or have been handling surfaces that others come in contact with.

Wear gloves to avoid contact with handrails, doorknobs, and other frequently used areas. But be sure to dispose of gloves appropriately and immediately after you are done using them to prevent cross contamination.

Antiviral oils are a great way to lessen the likelihood of viral infection. So, consider adding them to body oils and use them to “lotion up” and keep your skin healthy and protected for an extended amount of time.

Tip #10 – Its Matters What You Eat

It matters what you eat, so eat lots of fruits and vegetables and focus on getting lots of Vitamin C, D, E and Zinc! Stock up on citrus fruits of all varieties! In other words, build your immune system!!!

If you haven’t started your own garden, now is the time to give it a go and give it your all, so you know what is going into your body. Even if you have just a little patio or balcony, you can dedicate a small space to grow a good amount of fresh veggies and even some citrus fruit. Explore vertical gardening for a better alternate way to utilize small spaces as grow areas.

If somehow you are unable to grow your own fresh produce, then get to know someone who can or contact your local farms to see if you can work out an arrangement in exchange for fresh, organically grown foods…but this may prove a bit complex with lockdowns and social distancing being enacted; however, it is doable (setting schedules and staggering shifts for tenders to crops, is one way to minimize contact with to many people in this setting)

Beans, hemp seed, Spinach are just a few plant based sources of Zinc, as well as, other vitamins and minerals, so be sure to grow or stock your pantry and refrigerator with highly nutritious foods.

Also, learn like spicy, as in peppery foods…train your palette to love peppery foods as this will help drain and expectorate mucus from sinuses and chest.

Tip #11 – What to Avoid Eating

There are foods you should avoid eating and it’s not just the sugar, so here’s what to avoid eating.

Avoid eating too many foods that are cold and or cause the body to be cold. So limit the ice cream, popsicles, ice cold beverages, and cold cereals and other foods to a bare minimum.

Tip #12 – Practice Social Distancing

Practice social distancing, 6 feet at the least to lessen the likelihood of breathing in viral particles from airborne droplets of someone who may be infected whether symptomatic or asymptotic.

Refrain from social gatherings unless absolutely crucial. And even then, practice social distancing and no more that 10 people in a room at a time (the less the better).


Hope this article proves helpful to someone. if so, be sure to leave a comment below, and do share this article with others…. If you share no other articles from our site, please make an a exception and share this one as the information is vital and will help beat Covid-19. We are our brother’s [each other’s] keeper, more so now than ever, so it’s time we act like it.

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