How to Detox Your Body Naturally, Simple Enough Right?

How to Detox Your Body Naturally, Simple Enough Right?

So you have decided to detox your body to give yourself a fresh start as you journey on to a healthier lifestyle. At this point you have probably determined when would be the best time to start your detox program and you are now ready to select your detox program. As you research, you will come across a plethora of options and well, it can be downright overwhelming. I have been down this road and plan to make your research and decision-making an effortless one. If you are adamant about living a totally healthy lifestyle, then you are probably focused on how to detox your body naturally rather than using a product loaded with many lab synthesized ingredients.

Natural Detox Option 1 – Plant Based Detox Teas

Dandelion, image by Christopher CombeWith so many detox systems available out there, why not consider going straight to the source? Nothing is better than what nature has to offer. So I will be providing you with a list of plants that can be of great use when cleansing your body.

Now before you go running off to an alternative grocery store or your local health food market or perhaps even foraging for some of these wild herbs, do consult with your physician, preferably one that is familiar with holistic care, in order to create a system that is tailor-made for you, and will not interfere with any medicines (natural or otherwise that you may already be taking.

Also, do consult your physician on the status of your health to ensure no hidden conditions exist that may be exacerbated by your chosen cleanse. And in the case that you may be pregnant or plan to be pregnant, it is best to avoid certain herbs & plants so best to err on the side of caution than to take the risk. Many of these plants can be combined or blended with each other or even used sequentially to help detox major organs and parts of the body like the kidneys, liver, colon, skin, and bloodstream.

During cleansing, it is best to avoid meat and other animal-based products as much as possible and include as many leafy greens as you can tolerate in order to help your body through the cleansing period – green smoothies are a great way to do this and are tasty too. Meats & animal-based products are more tasking on the body, so strongly consider going vegan during this time frame for best results & stay away from sugar.

Hydration is also very important, so be sure to stay well hydrated during this time to ensure you are giving your body as much help as possible to clear out toxins efficiently & to ensure you are getting the best results possible from your chosen cleanse.

Here is a list of a few plants that cleanse and detoxify your body:

Aloe Vera…purifies blood

Bitter Wood…purifies blood, aids the liver to help remove toxins

Dandelion…purifies blood, digestive system

Garlic…purifies blood, also effective in cleansing intestines

Milk Thistle…great for liver detoxification

Wormwood…cleanses the body & rids it of parasites (the tea does wonders, but extract form is great too)- great for intestinal cleansing; however, use with caution as it can be toxic if used improperly (i.e. with medications or preexisting conditions) or in excess.

One of the greatest things about detoxing with herbal plants is that many of them are readily available as teas, that can make it much easier to detox even for those who don’t care for drinking tea.


Natural Detox Option 2 – Ready-made Natural Blends

There is a gamut of blends out there well formulated to cleanse & rid your body of toxins and parasites.

The natural blends for detoxing are worth a try & can be very effective in getting rid of various parasites and toxins that have been putting an extra strain on your body leaving you drained and fatigued.

In my experience, Garden of Life 10 Day Gentle Detox Pills – Perfect Cleanse Kit with Organic Fiber is highly effective and results are more evident after second round of cleansing. It has proven to be my go-to-cleansing-system and has earned its place in my rotation of cleansing systems, along with Garden of Life 12 Day Detox Cleanse – Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit (12 Day).

Natural Detox Option 3 – Extracts

So if you dislike teas & are not a fan of pills or mixing up your own blend of cleansing herbs, then there is the option of taking extracts. These are highly potent liquid mixtures derived from plants & must be diluted with water before ingesting. Now, they are often times bitter or otherwise less than appetizing, but that issue can be taken care of by chasing – drinking something sweet or more appealing to your tastebuds to reduce any aftertaste or unpleasant flavor.

Although they may not appeal to your tastebuds, they are most definitely worth it, after all, it is only a temporary discomfort & for a good cause – your health.
As always, make sure to follow the directions for using these potent extracts to avoid any adverse effects to your body – they can do a lot of good, but can they can also prove harmful if taken or used incorrectly.


Natural Detox Option 4 – Fasting

Abstaining from food may prove extremely difficult, but it is doable & can prove rewarding if done to completion.

By fasting, you are able to reset your palette & get rid of those sugar & junk food cravings that may have derailed your plans to eat healthier. Not only will you reset your palette, but you will also reap the added benefit of ridding your body of toxins by giving your body a break from digesting foods allowing it to instead divert more energy to the removal of toxins and repairing itself.

Of course this is something that takes discipline, practice, & shear willpower. One way to ensure success is to choose a day out of each week & fast all day. Do this for 4-8 weeks & then gradually add in a day. Over the course of time, you may find yourself disciplined enough to go 3 or more days, but don’t overdo it; pay close attention to cues from your body at all times & know your limit.


All in all, make your health a priority & give your body the boost it needs to carry on at optimum capacity. Whichever means you choose to use to cleanse your body, rest assure that every bit counts whether it’s drinking detox teas, using herbal blends, or mastering how to successfully fast for 2 or more days. Just keep in mind any preexisting health issues & plan accordingly with the help of your physician.

Wishing you all the best in completing your cleanse successfully & feel free to leave a comment about your ventures and or questions.

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  1. Great article friend.I believe processed foods are more than half responsible for the state of the worlds health problems today. Always good to see whole natural foods being promoted.Well done.

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