Dietary Thermogenesis | Fat-Burning Foods

Thermogenesis is the act of generating heat. This happens in every warm-blooded organisms it is what keeps them alive. Dietary thermogenesis on the other hand is as the name implies, diet based – it is the process of using foods to induce thermogenesis. Certain foods create or bring about thermogenesis in the body resulting in fat burning. Fat-burning food, are foods that help your body to undergo thermogenesis and to do so in a much more efficient manner and are they are highly effective.

What Happens During Thermogenesis

During thermogenesis, your body is able to “burn up” the food you eat in order to release its stored energy this often times can involve burning up fat stores (those extra calories) within the body.

Using Thermogenesis to Increase your Weight Loss

It is so important to stay within the appropriate weight range in relation to your height, if you want to remain free of dis-ease.



Shedding those extra pounds can really help bolster your health and prevent any issues with your health down the road. By losing those extra pounds, you can avert pre-diabetic symptoms and even get rid of diabetes if it is already present. Taking a preemptive strike and preventing issues such as diabetes, especially if you already have pre-diabetes can prove to be a life-saving accomplishment.


Foods to Eat to Increase Fat Burning through Thermogenesis

Thankfully there are so many foods present in nature to help us accomplish the goals that we want to attain when it comes to maintaining our health. Below are some foods that you can easily come across that will help you burn those extra calories while giving you the added benefit of losing unnecessary or excess pounds.

Foods like rooibos tea, white tea, green tea, matcha tea, berries, lemon, grapefruit, cayenne pepper/ chilli peppers, ginger, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil or coconut derived MCT Oil, cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and leafy greens such as spinach, chard, kale, collard greens are all foods present in nature that can help you with fat burning by making thermogenesis that much more effective.

Other foods (more so animal based) that can help you in the fat burning process in respect to your diet are mackerel, salmon, eggs, Kefir, Greek yogurt, Amasai or Amasi (a fermented milk product chuck full of probiotics and similar to Kefir in tartness & consistency, though slightly different in taste) – these are all wonderful additions you can make to your diet to ensure that you are burning fat not just through regular exercise, but through what you eat as well.


Thermogenesis is a natural occurring process that our bodies go through each and every day. It is what helps us make use of stored energy, so we might as well make use of it to the fullest extent. By using the foods we eat to help burn fat stored up in our bodies we can make sure that what we eat helps and encourage the process of thermogenesis, thereby, making it that much more effective.


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