Herbal Medicine | Immune Boosting Tea

Now more than ever, a healthy immune system is an absolute necessity. So, we will be sharing this family based herbal medicine immune boosting tea. There are several variations of this tea used by many families across West Africa. But here is a simple recipe to get you going. What Ingredients You Will Be Needing… Continue reading Herbal Medicine | Immune Boosting Tea

PiP Cooking

Disclosure: This post may contain some affiliate links, some of which are Amazon links. Healthylivingfromheadtotoe.com is currently an Amazon Affiliate and will provide Amazon links where applicable throughout this article. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Pot in pot cooking, otherwise, known as PIP cooking is a great alternative to clay pot cooking… Continue reading PiP Cooking

Best Fruits to Eat When on A Diet

So there are limited choices when you are on a diet and although we are proponents for eating an overall balanced and healthy meal as opposed to following the newest and latest diet trends, we know that we have some inquiring subscribers who would like to know what fruits are best for aiding their diet… Continue reading Best Fruits to Eat When on A Diet

Spelt Bread Recipe

Here is a quick recipe for making bread from one of the ancient grains, spelt. This Spelt Bread Recipe is super easy to make and is one of our favorites.   Spelt is much like our current day wheat flour when it comes to measurements and in some regards when it comes to texture as… Continue reading Spelt Bread Recipe