Best Fruits to Eat When on A Diet

So there are limited choices when you are on a diet and although we are proponents for eating an overall balanced and healthy meal as opposed to following the newest and latest diet trends, we know that we have some inquiring subscribers who would like to know what fruits are best for aiding their diet and weight loss journey. Do keep in mind though that most of these fruits work best fresh and their sugar content is all the sugar you need – it is natural and unprocessed sugar that is easier for the body to process.



1. Citruses

Yes, old faithful – lemon, limes, grapefruits are some of the best citrus fruits you can use to aid in flushing out your system and helping reduce weight. Oranges are also great and can help give a little sweetness to lemon, lime flavored water and or drinks. Just be sure to use fresh, organic fruits, and skip the sugar.


2. Bananas

This fruit is satisfying and can help curb hunger and cravings for sugar. This fruit is chuck full of minerals and vitamins that are highly beneficial to the body and its various functions. But for the purpose of weight loss, they are highly beneficial and can help speed up the weight loss process.

Bananas help reduce appetite and have enough fiber content to help you feel full for a long time, as well as, help get things moving through the digestive system.

An added benefit of eating bananas is that it can provide a much needed boost in energy to help your carry on about your day or give you a nice jolt of energy to make that daily workout possible.


3. Apples

Apples are great all around and when organic, even better. This fruit is great for more than just keeping the dentist away. It provides many health benefits like boosting metabolism of the body, detoxifying the body, and promoting food bacteria flora in the digestive system to aid in efficient digestion and proper elimination of waste.

Apples not only help promote digestion, but can also help reduce overeating by helping you feel fuller for a good amount of time. So they can certainly help when it comes to dietary changes in order to lose weight.



4. Soursop

If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere where you can find an abundance of this fruit fresh, then by all means make every effort to include this fruit in your diet as well. This fruit is a fantastic addition to one’s diet and helps in cleaning the digestive tract and body of parasites and this in itself is highly beneficial when starting or embarking on a diet plan or dietary change.

Also known as guanabana, this fruit is an exotic fruit that boasts many helpful and healing properties among which is the reduction of cancer risks and helping in speeding up recovery of respiratory issues.

Guanabana, Soursop, or Graviola; whichever name you prefer to use…has so many uses that can prove very helpful over the course of a lifetime, so don’t overlook this one – leaves, fruit, and even the seeds have been said to be very, very useful.



5. Figs

This is a great fruit to include when on a diet, even though it tends to be a bit too sweet, it is fantastic for getting the bowels moving and ridding the body of toxic waste.

This is one of a few fruits mentioned in the Bible and well, when something is mentioned in the Bible it is often of great importance and benefit to our overall health, so it is certainly worth including in the rotation of fruits we often enjoy.


6. Guava

This is another exotic fruit that much like the soursop, you may be hard pressed to find, and once more if you are blessed to live where this fruit grows in abundance, then by all means, make use of that privilege and add it to your meal choices.

This fruits is highly nutritious and great for overall health and digestion. It provides a nice boost in energy and gives the body a great dose of antioxidants that in turn help keep the body healthy.

This fruit also satiates hunger and provides the body with lots of nutrients and gives a heap of fiber to get things moving through your bowels.

Eating this fruit can also help regulate metabolism which can prove highly beneficial to those who are looking to lose weight. This fruit is so beneficial and it doesn’t just stop with the fruit – the leaves are also wonderful and healing and are certainly worth using if you like drinking tea, but that is a whole other article on its own.


7. Mangoes

Mangoes are a fantastic fruit to include in your diet and will certainly help curb hunger cravings and while providing your body with much need vitamins and minerals and the added bonus of fiber. This seasonal, tropical fruit is absolutely delicious and can be added to smoothies and various exotic dishes/meals.

We chose mangoes to add to the list of fruits best eaten when on a diet because of the satisfaction it gives, even though it may be used in combination with other fruits and ingredients to help with gaining weight. To counteract any possibilities of it helping pack on the pounds we highly recommend eating this, as well as, almost all fruits on an empty stomach that way digestion takes place faster and you are able to benefit the most from the fruits can provide.

Check out this highly detailed article on mangoes if you would like to learn more about this fruit and it rich abundance of nutrients. You just can’t go wrong with this fruit.



8. Avocados

Avocados have been increasingly popular over the past few years and rightfully so…with just enough fats (the good kind), to keep your hunger pangs at bay, this fruit is certainly a must when it comes to maintaining  the course of your diet. However, as with most fruits and especially so fruits that supply fats (even though it is the good kind of fats), we recommend eating this fruit on an empty stomach as well, as it will provide the most benefit.

This fruit is loaded with plenty of nutrients and comes in many varieties that can each be appreciated for their unique flavors. Also, known as “alligator pears” mainly due to their shape and rough, bumpy skin, avocado have come to be a delight to many when added to soups, dips, and enjoyed much like butter on some toast. The creamy, smooth, and buttery texture of the flesh of the avocado makes it a great addition to a variety of cultural dishes that will leave your taste buds delightfully satisfied.


9. Pineapples

Pineapples are a wonderful, delicious, and refreshing fruit to include in one’s diet. They are great in smoothies, water and other beverages and can provide the body with plenty of nutrients. Whether you use them in yogurt, salads, or your morning smoothies, this fruit has many benefits from weight loss to helping with digestion. Just be sure to consume this fruit in moderation, especially if you are on medications to avoid any adverse effects.



10. Berries

There is an array of berries that can eaten when on a diet and they boast a considerable amount of antioxidants that are incredibly healing for the body. Unfortunately, there are berries that have earned a place on the dirty dozen list of fruits (for instance strawberries), but if you can grow them organically or purchase from a trusted farmer at your local farmers market, then that would be optimal.

These are great in smoothies, salads, milkshakes, and various other healthy dishes. With so many options to choose from (raspberries, strawberries, goji berries, blueberries, mulberries, etc.), you won’t get bored with the endless combinations you can come up with on a daily or weekly basis.



We hope these and more fruits will make their way into your dietary plans and become a part of your everyday eating to help boost your health in the right direction and provide you with much needed supply of nutrients. When it comes to food, let it be natural and organic and it will be your medicine and much more. If there are any fruits that you enjoy in your part of the world, that you would like to share, as highly beneficial for diets, be sure to include a comment in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.



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Best Alkaline Water

Water is great for the body, but alkaline water is even better. We have sampled several brands and found the best alkaline water out there. It tastes pure and the way water was intended to taste. Keep on reading to find out more about our top pick when it comes to alkaline water.



What to Look for When It Comes to Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is water that has been purified and treated to adjust the pH to a higher pH. The high pH level make it a great addition to any diet, because helps keep the body alkaline; however, there are many other factors that play into maintaining the alkalinity in the body.

When it comes to alkaline water the pH range should be at least an 8, preferably a 9. The more alkaline or higher the pH is (i.e. greater than 7) the better.

Essentia water provides a great alkaline pH, at a pH of 9.5. It is also free of chlorine and fluoride and is neatly packaged in a BPA free bottle. The water packaged by Essentia is purified by reverse osmosis and adjusted for pH and electrolytes added.


Why Choose Alkaline Water Over Regular Water

Regular water is usually at a neutral pH and is typically at pH 7, unless, you have hard water, then the hard water ions can cause pH to vary and be on the lower end of the pH scale, below pH 7. So, as far as pH is concerned, anything below pH 7 is considered acidic and anything above pH 7 is considered basic or alkaline.

What are the Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Keeping the body alkaline can help keep diseases and illness at bay, therefore staying hydrated with the help of alkaline water will help the body replenish itself with “healing” water and promote a more productive healing process in the body.

Drinking alkaline water can help elevate the pH of the body overall resulting in a healthier body that is less susceptible to disease that typically thrives in an acidic environment.



Do keep in mind that the pH of your body will determine how effective drinking alkaline water will be for each individual, in other words the more acidic your body, the less effective alkaline water will be and it will take an extended amount of time for you to reap the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

To reap the benefits of drinking alkaline water, it is best to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, as well as, late at night before going to bed so you help promote healing of the body and reduc acidic confitions that can deter the body from properly healing itself.

The ability of helping in the body’s healing process makes alkaline water also a prime choice when it comes to detoxing the body, as it helps to boost the body as it gets rid of toxic elements and tries to return itself to a healthy state.

The only disadvantage we found with  this and most alkaline water (and regular bottled water) is that it is packaged in plastic bottles. If you can find alkaline water packaged in glass or boxed then all the better….




Is Alkaline Water Really Worth It?

The answer is a bold yes and if you venture to try it, then do so for a month and you will notice great benefits. One of which is youthful, glowing healthy skin that is free of blemishes. Based on this alone, we definitely agree that alkaline water is really worth it.


There are so many brands out there that sell bottled alkaline water as it is trending and more than likely to continue trending. So, we hope you enjoyed reading our article. We know our top pick for bottled alkaline water is sure to please. So, be sure to let us know if you try Essentia Alkaline Water and what you think of it. If you have any other brands of alkaline water you would like to include with our post, be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below.



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Reduce the Symptoms of Detoxing

From time to time, we all need a good detoxing to cleanse out our systems and leave us feeling rejuvenated and energized. There are so many contaminants that we may come in contact with on a regular basis that detoxing or cleansing the body is an absolute must even if it is done only once a year. These toxins leave us feeling sluggish, fatigued, and drained. Cleansing when done correctly can help the body rid itself of toxins and heal itself.


Recognizing the Symptoms of Detoxing

When you detox your body may go through a series of changes which may include skin rashes, nausea, sore throat, and the possibility of flu-like symptoms. Other symptoms experienced can be as follows.

  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Diarrhea or
  • Constipation
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Food Cravings


How to Ease Symptoms of Cleansing / Detoxing

  • Drink plenty of water – more than your daily requirement
  • Eat plenty of fibrous vegetables
  • Eat fruits with a high water content
  • Eat lots of greens – green smoothies are a great way to get a lot of greens into your diet in one sitting
  • Remove all meats and animal by-product from your diet
  • Avoid all caffeine products
  • Avoid sugar ( beverages and foods)
  • Avoid all processed, prepackaged foods
  • No eating out, i.e no fast foods, fried or greasy meals
  • Exercise – light to moderate exercise will do, so don’t overwork or physically stress out your body
  • Make time to relax and de-stress
  • Take relaxing baths and or showers and give yourself a vigorous rub down to get you blood flowing
  • Alternate hot and cold water during showers to encourage better circulation
  • Dry skin brushing – use a good quality boar bristle brush to help get rid of dead skin and encourage blood circulation
  • Give yourself a lymphatic massage – you can also get this done at a reputable massage parlor – the lymphatic system helps rid the body of toxins

Be sure to check out this article on how to detox your body naturally, as well as, what to do after detoxing to help you out with your cleanse.



Retraining your Body to Eat Healthy

If you had engaged in the years of eating unhealthy foods you might find this a little bit easier after detoxing to switch to healthy foods. This is because when the body undergoes cleansing, it’s like hitting a reset button and the palate which plays a role in one’s sense of taste is cleansed as well – this helps rid you of cravings and the taste for the unhealthy foods that you used to eat.


Treat your body like a temple and give it some love and appreciation by giving it the break it deserves by providing it with some much-needed cleansing. But do not go overboard with the cleansing and do listen to your body when it comes to the symptoms of detoxing. Be sure to follow the aforementioned tips to help reduce the symptoms of detoxing and plan ahead to help make your cleanse that much more pleasant. And remember, it is always good to listen to your body and if you need to go slowly, then do so instead of rushing through your cleanse. After all, you do not want to stress your body out even more. You are in the business of rejuvenating and reenergizing your body not the opposite.

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What to do after Detoxing

So you’ve chosen to detox, now what? After detoxing you might be wondering what to do afterwards. A series of questions may come up like what should I eat, how much of it should I eat, and how should I go about making this a seamless and easy process???



Plan Accordingly

The task at hand may not be an easy one but it is completely doable. First, start off by creating a list of healthy foods (fruits and vegetables included) that you love to eat. Second, create a menu for a period of two weeks at a time. Third, create your budget and allow room for any extra expenses that may occur. However, if you plan accordingly by looking at your local supermarkets’ sales paper or finding deals on various foods for your pantry whether at local farmers markets or supermarkets, you may be able to curtail the expenses that may come with eating healthy. Joining or signing up for programs like Thrive Market, or AmazonFresh can prove beneficial when it comes to getting wholesale prices or deals on various organic foods, canned or packaged.



Once you have listed all the healthy foods including fruits and vegetables that you love to eat or would like to try, be sure to put those foods into your weekly or bi-weekly menu. Fourth, go shopping and stick to your list. By following these easy four steps you are sure to be able to stay within budget and eat healthier post detox and make the most out of your detox.



What to Drink and not

Besides the foods that you eat, you also want to make sure that you are drinking the right beverages. Most fruit juices are out in this case, unless you are blending them up yourself – this is to avoid any excess sugar that may have been included in the making of the juice. You can also make your own water and fruit infusions that will help you drink more water and help you stay hydrated. This is both refreshing and beneficial in helping the body efficiently and continually get rid of any toxins that may accumulate on a day-to-day basis. In other words, it helps your body stay in a detoxed state and you will find that your next detox session will be that much more efficient and go much smoother, i.e. fewer headaches and discomforts that may happen during cleansing.

After detoxing, if at all possible, avoid drinking highly caffeinated beverages like coffee, caffeinated sodas (foregoing all soda drinks is best), limit or completely abstain from consuming all alcoholic beverages, avoid any unnecessary use of medicines whether over-the-counter or otherwise when possible. But if you are sick, then do as you must according to your physician’s directions – I am not a physician.



Instead of drinking coffee, substitute herbs or ready-made herbal teas to brew up your daily drinks. You can also incorporate herbal teas for bedtime regiments as certain teas like lavender tea and chamomile tea can help you go to sleep and have a restful night’s sleep. You can also brew up teas like Red Rooibos and Oolong to help strengthen your body and maintain it in a healthy state, as they are great sources of various health benefits. Red Rooibos Tea is a fermented herbal tea that is great for bone health, preventing premature aging, insomnia, headaches, allergies, asthma, and helps boost your body’s immune system, among other benefits. It contains a variety of minerals like calcium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and potassium to list a few. Oolong Tea is a semi-green tea that is great for brain and heart health and contains lots of antioxidants, beneficial in preventing cancer. It is also beneficial when it comes to stress reduction, weight loss, prevention of diabetes, Both Oolong tea and Rooibos Tea are beneficial in preventing bone loss and therefore osteoporosis. Also, Green tea is one of those drinks that is very, very beneficial because it is full of antioxidants and as an added bonus, gives just the right amount of caffeine – it is much easier on the body and is not highly caffeinated compared to coffee.



Eat This not That

Eat lots of fibrous fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water to help your body get rid of toxins.




While detoxing you refrain from eating animal products, i.e. meat and dairy products or dairy based products. During this time, your body is given the opportunity to take a break from the rigorous task of digesting animal based foods. So it is best to take your time when it comes to reintroducing meat products. You should do so gradually and no sooner than 3 days post detox. This is to help your body adjust to digesting meat once again. Your best bet is to start with lean proteins like fish or chicken – these are a good start and you should introduce them in smaller than your normal portions. Do not gorge yourself on animal proteins as it can prove to be harmful and very discomforting to the body (cramps, gas, bloating, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea…etc.).

Nuts such as almonds can also prove beneficial in maintaining your body, as well, post detox by providing nutrients and fiber to help your system operate smoother.


Types of Foods to Avoid

  • Avoid processed food (i.e TV dinners, frozen & prepackaged lunches/meals)
  • Junk foods or fast food dining
  • Any foods lacking in nutrients or nutritional value
  • Caffeinated foods and beverages
  • Sugary foods
  • Alcohol
  • Fried foods
  • Foods with shortening or saturated fats



After taking the time to detox and going through such a process. Just keep in mind that just because you have detoxed does not mean you should resume your regular unhealthy eating habits. Consider detoxing as a fresh start or renewing of your body and give your body the extra love and attention that it needs and deserves. Although it may not be feasible for you to eat healthy 24/7 you can certainly find time to make sure measures are put in place that will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Refer to the aforementioned four steps and be sure to set aside the time necessary to accomplish them even if you can only do your planning once a month. If you are good to your body, it will be good to you. Live life well and be healthy.

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How to Detox Your Body Naturally, Simple Enough Right?

So you have decided to detox your body to give yourself a fresh start as you journey on to a healthier lifestyle. At this point you have probably determined when would be the best time to start your detox program and you are now ready to select your detox program. As you research, you will come across a plethora of options and well, it can be downright overwhelming. I have been down this road and plan to make your research and decision-making an effortless one. If you are adamant about living a totally healthy lifestyle, then you are probably focused on how to detox your body naturally rather than using a product loaded with many lab synthesized ingredients.

Natural Detox Option 1 – Plant Based Detox Teas

Dandelion, image by Christopher CombeWith so many detox systems available out there, why not consider going straight to the source? Nothing is better than what nature has to offer. So I will be providing you with a list of plants that can be of great use when cleansing your body.

Now before you go running off to an alternative grocery store or your local health food market or perhaps even foraging for some of these wild herbs, do consult with your physician, preferably one that is familiar with holistic care, in order to create a system that is tailor-made for you, and will not interfere with any medicines (natural or otherwise that you may already be taking.

Also, do consult your physician on the status of your health to ensure no hidden conditions exist that may be exacerbated by your chosen cleanse. And in the case that you may be pregnant or plan to be pregnant, it is best to avoid certain herbs & plants so best to err on the side of caution than to take the risk. Many of these plants can be combined or blended with each other or even used sequentially to help detox major organs and parts of the body like the kidneys, liver, colon, skin, and bloodstream.

During cleansing, it is best to avoid meat and other animal-based products as much as possible and include as many leafy greens as you can tolerate in order to help your body through the cleansing period – green smoothies are a great way to do this and are tasty too. Meats & animal-based products are more tasking on the body, so strongly consider going vegan during this time frame for best results & stay away from sugar.

Hydration is also very important, so be sure to stay well hydrated during this time to ensure you are giving your body as much help as possible to clear out toxins efficiently & to ensure you are getting the best results possible from your chosen cleanse.

Here is a list of a few plants that cleanse and detoxify your body:

Aloe Vera…purifies blood

Bitter Wood…purifies blood, aids the liver to help remove toxins

Dandelion…purifies blood, digestive system

Garlic…purifies blood, also effective in cleansing intestines

Milk Thistle…great for liver detoxification

Wormwood…cleanses the body & rids it of parasites (the tea does wonders, but extract form is great too)- great for intestinal cleansing; however, use with caution as it can be toxic if used improperly (i.e. with medications or preexisting conditions) or in excess.

One of the greatest things about detoxing with herbal plants is that many of them are readily available as teas, that can make it much easier to detox even for those who don’t care for drinking tea.


Natural Detox Option 2 – Ready-made Natural Blends

There is a gamut of blends out there well formulated to cleanse & rid your body of toxins and parasites.

The natural blends for detoxing are worth a try & can be very effective in getting rid of various parasites and toxins that have been putting an extra strain on your body leaving you drained and fatigued.

In my experience, Garden of Life 10 Day Gentle Detox Pills – Perfect Cleanse Kit with Organic Fiber is highly effective and results are more evident after second round of cleansing. It has proven to be my go-to-cleansing-system and has earned its place in my rotation of cleansing systems, along with Garden of Life 12 Day Detox Cleanse – Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit (12 Day).

Natural Detox Option 3 – Extracts

So if you dislike teas & are not a fan of pills or mixing up your own blend of cleansing herbs, then there is the option of taking extracts. These are highly potent liquid mixtures derived from plants & must be diluted with water before ingesting. Now, they are often times bitter or otherwise less than appetizing, but that issue can be taken care of by chasing – drinking something sweet or more appealing to your tastebuds to reduce any aftertaste or unpleasant flavor.

Although they may not appeal to your tastebuds, they are most definitely worth it, after all, it is only a temporary discomfort & for a good cause – your health.
As always, make sure to follow the directions for using these potent extracts to avoid any adverse effects to your body – they can do a lot of good, but can they can also prove harmful if taken or used incorrectly.


Natural Detox Option 4 – Fasting

Abstaining from food may prove extremely difficult, but it is doable & can prove rewarding if done to completion.

By fasting, you are able to reset your palette & get rid of those sugar & junk food cravings that may have derailed your plans to eat healthier. Not only will you reset your palette, but you will also reap the added benefit of ridding your body of toxins by giving your body a break from digesting foods allowing it to instead divert more energy to the removal of toxins and repairing itself.

Of course this is something that takes discipline, practice, & shear willpower. One way to ensure success is to choose a day out of each week & fast all day. Do this for 4-8 weeks & then gradually add in a day. Over the course of time, you may find yourself disciplined enough to go 3 or more days, but don’t overdo it; pay close attention to cues from your body at all times & know your limit.


All in all, make your health a priority & give your body the boost it needs to carry on at optimum capacity. Whichever means you choose to use to cleanse your body, rest assure that every bit counts whether it’s drinking detox teas, using herbal blends, or mastering how to successfully fast for 2 or more days. Just keep in mind any preexisting health issues & plan accordingly with the help of your physician.

Wishing you all the best in completing your cleanse successfully & feel free to leave a comment about your ventures and or questions.

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Body Cleanse and Detox, A Must for A Healthy Body

Now, most people think of making resolutions at the start of a new year & most resolutions involve exercising more, eating out less, or cutting out junk foods, among many others. However, you will be hard-pressed to find someone with a resolution that includes doing a total body cleanse and detox at least once a year.

This is a crucial component to starting out a healthy lifestyle. The importance of cleansing is so great that often changes to a healthy diet from an unhealthy one can prove to be less fruitful than expected if a proper cleanse isn’t done correctly.



Making Cleansing a Priority & Giving Your Body a Fresh Start

Imagine your car is badly in need of a tune-up and you take it to a mechanic & when you get it back he tells you “All I did was top it off with some oil; you’re good to go!” How infuriating that would be…you would certainly feel cheated & as though nothing had been done that was greatly beneficial to prolonging the life of your car.

The same principle comes to play when beginning your journey to healthy living. So give your body a fresh start so all the healthy eating you do going forward will be that much more beneficial to your overall health.


Your body is a well-tuned & highly structured machine that runs non-stop. So it too needs a much required & duly deserved “break”. Cleansing does just that in so many ways. It not only eases the burden on various organs, such as your liver & kidneys, but it also, can act as a total reboot for your entire biological system.

Your body is given a clean slate…it is no longer bogged down with clearing out toxins & is now capable of operating at optimum capacity.

Added benefits from cleansing and detoxing can also include a body free of any parasitic infections. It performs the way it was intended to & sometimes even better.


Ease into It or Not

You don’t have to jump full-fledged into cleansing. You can ease your way into it. In fact, if you have never ventured down this road, it is highly recommended that you take your time & make your way through, step-by-step or more specifically, do a cleanse that focuses on a particular area of the body, i.e. liver cleanse, then colon cleanse, etc.


Things to Consider Prior to Cleansing

While cleansing and detoxing your body is fantastic for your overall health, the fact still remains that patience and discipline are much-needed qualities in order to be successful.

First, you must do your research and do it well. There are so many cleanses available out there, but so are possible side-effects, especially when done incorrectly; so don’t forgo following the instructions provided, dietary restrictions and all. With the help of your physician, you can definitely make the process of finding the right cleanse for you a less challenging one and ever so successful.

Second, you must set aside time to allow yourself the ability to carry through the process from start to finish without distractions or overt levels of stress or agitation in order to avoid derailing or hampering the effectiveness of the cleansing process.



Third, find someone to do your cleanse with or to at least have as a source of encouragement because you more than likely will need inspiration to carry on, especially, when it comes to lengthy cleanses (trust me, there will be trying days).

Fourth, you may want to start reviewing you past dietary choices & eliminate unhealthy foods. Make a list of healthy alternatives to those foods & start planning your budget to make your healthy living a possible feat. Signing up with your local health food stores for notifications on sales/deals may prove highly beneficial in helping you make your cleanse a successful transition to healthy living within your budgetary means.

Finally, set realistic goals – keep in mind that some cleanses may take more than one try to be visibly effective – you may have to cleanse 2-3 times to see a big difference in your body (energy level and all).

If you feel a cleanse didn’t work well for you, wait a couple months and try again with a different cleanse – within those 2 months you will be able to determine whether your body is still functioning the same or better.


Summing It Up – Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body

Cleansing is a much required tune-up your body needs for a clean & refreshing jolt of energy, so it must be considered when embarking on a journey to a healthier lifestyle in order to ensure a greater chance at success for your healthy new beginning.

As with all things related to your health, it is always best to check with your physician before making health-related changes to help prevent any negative or adverse effects to your body. On that same note, do consult with your physician on which type of cleanse you should use & at what pace you should go to help make it a successful and productive endeavor that yields you the best results.

For more details on cleansing and detoxifying your body, please check out my article, How to Detox Your Body Naturally, Simple Enough Right?


Quick Side Note:

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