Best Fruits to Eat When on A Diet

Best Fruits to Eat When on A Diet

So there are limited choices when you are on a diet and although we are proponents for eating an overall balanced and healthy meal as opposed to following the newest and latest diet trends, we know that we have some inquiring subscribers who would like to know what fruits are best for aiding their diet and weight loss journey. Do keep in mind though that most of these fruits work best fresh and their sugar content is all the sugar you need – it is natural and unprocessed sugar that is easier for the body to process.



1. Citruses

Yes, old faithful – lemon, limes, grapefruits are some of the best citrus fruits you can use to aid in flushing out your system and helping reduce weight. Oranges are also great and can help give a little sweetness to lemon, lime flavored water and or drinks. Just be sure to use fresh, organic fruits, and skip the sugar.


2. Bananas

This fruit is satisfying and can help curb hunger and cravings for sugar. This fruit is chuck full of minerals and vitamins that are highly beneficial to the body and its various functions. But for the purpose of weight loss, they are highly beneficial and can help speed up the weight loss process.

Bananas help reduce appetite and have enough fiber content to help you feel full for a long time, as well as, help get things moving through the digestive system.

An added benefit of eating bananas is that it can provide a much needed boost in energy to help your carry on about your day or give you a nice jolt of energy to make that daily workout possible.


3. Apples

Apples are great all around and when organic, even better. This fruit is great for more than just keeping the dentist away. It provides many health benefits like boosting metabolism of the body, detoxifying the body, and promoting food bacteria flora in the digestive system to aid in efficient digestion and proper elimination of waste.

Apples not only help promote digestion, but can also help reduce overeating by helping you feel fuller for a good amount of time. So they can certainly help when it comes to dietary changes in order to lose weight.



4. Soursop

If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere where you can find an abundance of this fruit fresh, then by all means make every effort to include this fruit in your diet as well. This fruit is a fantastic addition to one’s diet and helps in cleaning the digestive tract and body of parasites and this in itself is highly beneficial when starting or embarking on a diet plan or dietary change.

Also known as guanabana, this fruit is an exotic fruit that boasts many helpful and healing properties among which is the reduction of cancer risks and helping in speeding up recovery of respiratory issues.

Guanabana, Soursop, or Graviola; whichever name you prefer to use…has so many uses that can prove very helpful over the course of a lifetime, so don’t overlook this one – leaves, fruit, and even the seeds have been said to be very, very useful.



5. Figs

This is a great fruit to include when on a diet, even though it tends to be a bit too sweet, it is fantastic for getting the bowels moving and ridding the body of toxic waste.

This is one of a few fruits mentioned in the Bible and well, when something is mentioned in the Bible it is often of great importance and benefit to our overall health, so it is certainly worth including in the rotation of fruits we often enjoy.


6. Guava

This is another exotic fruit that much like the soursop, you may be hard pressed to find, and once more if you are blessed to live where this fruit grows in abundance, then by all means, make use of that privilege and add it to your meal choices.

This fruits is highly nutritious and great for overall health and digestion. It provides a nice boost in energy and gives the body a great dose of antioxidants that in turn help keep the body healthy.

This fruit also satiates hunger and provides the body with lots of nutrients and gives a heap of fiber to get things moving through your bowels.

Eating this fruit can also help regulate metabolism which can prove highly beneficial to those who are looking to lose weight. This fruit is so beneficial and it doesn’t just stop with the fruit – the leaves are also wonderful and healing and are certainly worth using if you like drinking tea, but that is a whole other article on its own.


7. Mangoes

Mangoes are a fantastic fruit to include in your diet and will certainly help curb hunger cravings and while providing your body with much need vitamins and minerals and the added bonus of fiber. This seasonal, tropical fruit is absolutely delicious and can be added to smoothies and various exotic dishes/meals.

We chose mangoes to add to the list of fruits best eaten when on a diet because of the satisfaction it gives, even though it may be used in combination with other fruits and ingredients to help with gaining weight. To counteract any possibilities of it helping pack on the pounds we highly recommend eating this, as well as, almost all fruits on an empty stomach that way digestion takes place faster and you are able to benefit the most from the fruits can provide.

Check out this highly detailed article on mangoes if you would like to learn more about this fruit and it rich abundance of nutrients. You just can’t go wrong with this fruit.



8. Avocados

Avocados have been increasingly popular over the past few years and rightfully so…with just enough fats (the good kind), to keep your hunger pangs at bay, this fruit is certainly a must when it comes to maintaining  the course of your diet. However, as with most fruits and especially so fruits that supply fats (even though it is the good kind of fats), we recommend eating this fruit on an empty stomach as well, as it will provide the most benefit.

This fruit is loaded with plenty of nutrients and comes in many varieties that can each be appreciated for their unique flavors. Also, known as “alligator pears” mainly due to their shape and rough, bumpy skin, avocado have come to be a delight to many when added to soups, dips, and enjoyed much like butter on some toast. The creamy, smooth, and buttery texture of the flesh of the avocado makes it a great addition to a variety of cultural dishes that will leave your taste buds delightfully satisfied.


9. Pineapples

Pineapples are a wonderful, delicious, and refreshing fruit to include in one’s diet. They are great in smoothies, water and other beverages and can provide the body with plenty of nutrients. Whether you use them in yogurt, salads, or your morning smoothies, this fruit has many benefits from weight loss to helping with digestion. Just be sure to consume this fruit in moderation, especially if you are on medications to avoid any adverse effects.



10. Berries

There is an array of berries that can eaten when on a diet and they boast a considerable amount of antioxidants that are incredibly healing for the body. Unfortunately, there are berries that have earned a place on the dirty dozen list of fruits (for instance strawberries), but if you can grow them organically or purchase from a trusted farmer at your local farmers market, then that would be optimal.

These are great in smoothies, salads, milkshakes, and various other healthy dishes. With so many options to choose from (raspberries, strawberries, goji berries, blueberries, mulberries, etc.), you won’t get bored with the endless combinations you can come up with on a daily or weekly basis.



We hope these and more fruits will make their way into your dietary plans and become a part of your everyday eating to help boost your health in the right direction and provide you with much needed supply of nutrients. When it comes to food, let it be natural and organic and it will be your medicine and much more. If there are any fruits that you enjoy in your part of the world, that you would like to share, as highly beneficial for diets, be sure to include a comment in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.



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