Best Cooking Utensils for a Healthier You

There are plenty of utensils out there made of various materials from silicone to titanium and when it comes to your health the closer to nature the material is, the better. So, here are some of the best cooking utensils for a healthier you. The benefits of healthier meals at home is now more important than ever, so you definitely won’t go wrong adding the best cooking utensils to your kitchen drawer.


Wood is an old one, but a goodie. And it is as healthy as it gets when it comes to non-toxic, natural utensils one can use to help in maintaining a healthier life.

There are plenty of varieties of woods out there and although not all will be suitable for use as a cooking utensil…I mean let’s face it, some wood absorb flavors more so than others and well some are just not up to par when it comes to durability as a cooking tool.

Where can You Find Some Good Wooden Kitchen Tools

So, you might be wondering where can you find some good wooden kitchen tools.

There are many avenues of acquiring cooking utensils and well if your budget permits it, you can take it a step further by commissioning a wood worker to create your dream set of wooden kitchen tools. Or you can peruse sites such as Etsy for unique, hand-made tools that will surely be conversation starters at the dinner table.

Currently, there are many sites that one can choose from when it comes to getting a great set of wooden cooking tools. It all depends on what you feel is reasonable to spend. And if you know someone who likes to work with wood, even better, as you can ask them to help get one or two solid utensils for your kitchen.

Budget Friendly Tools for Your Kitchen Drawer

You will find wooden tools well within most budgets at your local big box stores and various online stores. If you are looking for utensils made from exotic woods, then you will come across a lot that are completely over-priced.

Make It Yourself

If you find yourself to be highly crafty and creative, especially when involving tools, then you can seek out the tools you need to carve out your very own hand-made cooking tool. Make it yourself is often the most cost effective approach to acquiring a set of wood tools with only a little time and effort getting Just be sure to find a good source for your wood. There are plenty of tutorials out there that can help get you started and or take you from beginner to highly skilled craftsman. Which can open other doors in earning extra income, etc. But, that is besides the point.

There is nothing more satisfying than using something you crafted yourself. It not only brings great joy in knowing that your skill and talents paid off, but that you are one step closer to self-sufficiency in a world where goods and services are becoming harder to acquire.


Cast iron is gaining popularity with many who love to cook and it is no wonder that there are now many utensils available in cast iron, as well as, spun iron allowing for beautiful meals to be cooked in a more healthful way. A wonderful durable metal like iron is a great addition to any kitchen drawer. And upkeep to maintain its beautiful, black luster is as simple as applying a thin coating of coconut or flax oil to prevent rust after washing.

Why Choose Iron Utensils?

Using iron to cook could be extra beneficial in that it adds a bit of iron to your food. And this could prove helpful for those who are iron deficient, although there is an issue of whether iron obtained through cookware is readily available to the body for use (i.e. bioavailability), it is still worth putting to use.


We have all come across some form of silicone kitchen utensil at some point in time and may have wondered whether it truly is all that healthy to use. Well, much of the scientific data out there suggests it is, because silicone itself is inert. So, it will not react with your food whether you are cooking an acidic or non-acidic meal. In other words, silicone is chemically inactive…so no worries there.

What Makes Silicone Good for Cooking Anyways?

Silicone is very good even when used for cooking at high temperatures because it does not leach toxic chemicals as would be the case with plastic utensils. Personally speaking we opt for clear silicone utensils and minimize using when cooking very, very hot meals simply because it is a man-made material and we choose to err on the side of caution.

At What Temperature can I Use Silicone?

A good grade or quality silicone utensil will be able to withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. But it is usually best used at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to avoid reducing the quality and longevity of your silicone cooking tool. Otherwise, you will find it cracking and splitting in no time…and no one wants bits of silicone in their food, chemically inactive or not.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a good addition to your utensils, because of it’s durability more so than wood or silicone. Plus, the use of stainless steel is common and readily available. Therefore, most will often choose stainless steel over the aforementioned utensils.


Although most will opt for stainless steel, it is always best to opt for more natural utensils to use as opposed to man-made materials. You certainly can’t go wrong when it comes to using wooden utensils or utensils made from natural metals such as iron or copper. Let us know what utensils you use to cook your family healthy meals in the comments section.

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