Best Non-Stick Pan You Will Ever Need for Your Kitchen

We are all about health when it comes to foods we eat and how they are prepare, so what better topic to discuss than the pots and pans used in preparing delicious, healthy meals at a home? So, one way to ensure your healthy foods stay healthy is by choosing healthy pans to prepare them and one of our favorite pans, is one we consider to be the best non-stick pan ever – that pan is none other than ole faithful, the cast iron pan. 

What Makes Cast Iron So Special?

Well, everything! You just can’t go wrong with cast iron, not only will you be avoiding teflon and teflon like coatings that can break down over time and leach into your food, but you will also avoid being the guinea pig in the testing of new and revolutionary non-stick cookware that may prove detrimental to your health years from now. 

Yes, the ceramics and the diamonds are fancy and enticing, but think about it…if small specks or flakes of these materials were intentional mixed into your food and then served to you, would you find them enticing? If the answer is no, then you are on the right train of thoughts. 

There is no telling how long these ceramic and diamond non-stick coatings will last and much like teflon, most people pay no mind to wear and tear of the cooking surface of the pan, as long as the pan isn’t warped and continues to function in the best capacity as a pan. Heck, even when the pan is warped and the teflon coating showing clear signs of heavy wear and tear, I have witness quite a few people continue on using it. Most give the excuse of it being okay since they don’t cook in such pans everyday, but my rebuttal is if it looks like that, then you obviously use it plenty enough, so best to get rid of it than find out in the long run what harm it can do.

The aforementioned issues with synthetically coated pans is not something you will find yourself worried about when it comes to cast iron. Yes, you might have the odd flaking of the seasoning, but that is definitely not harmful to your system compared to teflon coatings and the likes. Plus, you can certainly prevent this by staying on top of oiling and re-seasoning your pots and pans when the time calls for it.

Using cast iron for your cooking vessels also, allows the infusion of much needed iron into your foods and can prove to be beneficial to your overall health provided it is biologically available to your body. Some argue vehemently against the bioavailability of the iron transferred from cooking vessels into foods, but we believe that if you listen to your body you will come to the right conclusion on that. But just for the record, we here at Healthy Living believe that the iron in iron infused foods can be digested and used by the body, especially so when paired with the right foods (foods that will help boost the uptake of iron…).

There is just something about using cast iron when it comes to cooking food that makes your food absolutely tasty. So, if you long for ways to make your food even tastier, then switching to cast iron will certainly help – it certainly beats the alternative of having chemically infused or teflon flavor foods any day!

What Cast Iron Manufacturer is Best?

Well, for the sake of simplicity and affordability Lodge comes out on top 90% of the time and it is readily available at most of your local box store. Plus, if you are living in the US and would like to support US manufacturers, then #Lodge is the way to go – functionality and durability is there and if a butter smooth surface is what you are looking for, then rest assure your Lodge cookware will soon get there with frequent use.

On the other hand, if you feel like splurging on your cast iron then choosing a #FieldCompany cast iron skillet will do just fine and you may wonder how you have gone without it for so long – the butter smooth surface is a big plus. Field is a fairly new US based cast iron company and has a few selections of #fieldskillet in 3 or 4 sizes to date, but over time our guess is that they may expand on the selection of sizes, as well as, variety of cookwares available for sale.

If you are concerned about using cast iron pots and pans made in China due to regulations and quality issues in regards to the iron being used, that is certainly understandable. However, there are some manufacturers that have strict rules and quality requirements that may resolve such concerns, but you would have to really do some digging (i.e. research) to ensure their ideals of quality matches your own.

If you live outside of the US, there are various high quality cast iron manufacturers that although some of their foundries are small, they make some of the best cast iron cookware and are totally transparent as to where their raw iron comes from. These manufacturers also often have stringent processes in place to ensure the products they sell are top notch.


If you are in search of the best non-stick pan out there, then search no further and rest assure that selecting a cast iron pot or pan is the way to go and will prove highly beneficially not only in your health, but in the level of tastiness you achieve in your home cooked meals. Cast iron is certainly worth having at least one or two of…you will most definitely notice the difference – the added bonus of better tasting food!

What are your favorite cast iron brands? If you have some favorite cast iron manufacturers, tips and tricks you use for cooking with cast iron that you would like to share, then be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Also, we would like to know your favorite recipes or foods to cook using cast iron pots and pans – let us know in the comments section or visit our social media page… you can follow us on instagram and be sure to let us know you stopped by, so we can do the same. #payitforward

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