Ways to Handle Stress

Ways to Handle Stress

There are plenty of reasons to be stressed out nowadays, but rest assure that there are many awesome ways to handle stress. Signs of stress include, but are not limited to constant fatigue, headaches, increased irritability, as well as, being physically and emotionally drained. Stress can even manifest itself in the form of dis-EASE in the body which can result in pain and in some cases tumors. Of course, not all diseases are caused by stress, but it certainly does not help any preexisting conditions that may be present in the body, nor does it prevent occurrences thereof.


Taking the Stress Out of Life

Realize your Dream! Don’t just talk about it, do something about it. There are so many dreamers out there with so many dreams that are unfulfilled and this does not need to be the case – make your dream a reality – get that business up and running, make that invention a reality, land that gig, etc. Explore your hidden talents, hobbies, goals and even travel wishlist. If you don’t have a hobby, then find a one. And if you wish to travel, then make room in your budget to do so within the very near future (6-10 months is a reasonable time-frame) – where there is a will, there is always a way!


Laugh heartily! Watch your favorite show, comedy, or movie – whichever, makes you feel happy or takes you to a happy place. Take time to laugh as much as possible and do so heartily. Be in the moment, think of nothing else but what you are watching or doing and feel content and at peace and you will quickly find happiness.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Listen to your favorite music and dance to the beat of your own drum – no need for any choreographed moves, unless you are naturally talented in that way. Keep dancing and even belt out a few tunes to help relieve stress & feel relaxed.

Work it out! Yes! Exercise is not only good for keeping your body healthy and in good shape, but it is also good for keeping your mind relaxed, therefore, reducing stress. Just be sure not to over do it.

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Get in Touch with Nature! Make this part of your everday actvities or at least your weekend activities. Whether it is a short walk or hike, or something more hands on like gardening, taking time to observe and take in the beauty of nature is very relaxing. Gardening is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature and can prove extremely rewarding for your body. It not only benefits you physically – it works out and tones your muscles, lowers blood pressure & levels of the stress hormone Cortisol – but emotionally and spiritually as well by relaxing the mind and reducing stress significantly. Plus the added bonus of Vitamin D from the time you get in the sun. Even if you are not a master gardener, you can still try your hand at growing a flower or two and or your favorite green(s) or vegetable(s).

Find inner peace! Through meditation, you can find inner peace. Having peace and quiet and time to clear your thoughts can be a healing time that will aid in the release of pent-up energy caused by stress, so consider incorporating it in your daily or weekly routines.

A piece of the “pie”! No need to be envious of the success of others, be happy for them, in fact, try to help them succeed even more and you might find yourself at peace and feeling joyful. And maybe before you even realize it, you might find yourself just as successful or even more so.

Last, but not least, Pray! Pray is powerful and when we pray and believe in the one, true everlasting God, then we are relieved of our troubles and peace takes hold. You will be able to deal with stress accordingly, as God reveals things to you.

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Grabbing the Bull by its Horns

Deal with the source of your stress in a positive manner by confronting it tactfully, especially so if it is involves someone else. If not, confront your stress or stress factors by tackling it (or them) head on all the while making an action plan and sticking to it. And if it works out well, then great! If not, then revise it by looking back at where you could need improvement or a different course of action or approach. No more head in the sand and no more looking the other way or pretending it’s not there because it is highly unhealthy and causes your stress level to mount. Handle it and keep it moving.


Embracing a Life of Reduced Stress

Accept and embrace your new stress reduced life. Don’t fret about the stress you endured in the past – move past it and look forward to the possibility of more stress free days. Minimize activities or events that you know leads to extreme stress. Limit contact with people who cause you undue stress and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who have the best thoughts and actions towards you and be sure you do the same for them.

Making it Work

As funny as it may be to think of this, some people may find themselves having a hard time getting adjusted to a life filled with less stress or even possibly a stress free life. It is important to stick to the methods that I worked for reducing your stress levels going backwards and picking back up where you once were, will only bring greater stress and possibilities of regrets. So, in other words, don’t go looking for issues or trying to retrieve old “baggages” – remember why and how hard you worked to break free of those stress factors and leave them where they belong — in the past. Once you let go or relieve yourself of stressful situations, individuals, and or issues, then going back should never be an option, you should now be focused on leading a happier and joyful life.

Summing It Up

A healthy mind gives way to a healthy body and vise-versa. So make time to relax and free yourself of stress and any emotional hindrances. From time to time, be sure to assess your life and don’t be afraid to make changes where changes are due, because life is not meant to be lived in a state of constant stress. If you are in need of help with relieving your stress, it is perfectly okay to seek help whether it is from others who may have been through your situation or similar. Or from those are well-equipped in dealing with stressful situations. Apply as many of the listed or aforementioned techniques to help you combat and even eliminate the many areas of stress you may be experiencing. With so many factors of stress surrounding day to day life, do your best to know and make use of the many ways of handling stress.


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