Music as Therapy and Much More

Music as Therapy and Much More

Music soothes the soul and is proving to be much more. It is highly therapeutic and can be highly beneficial to the brain development of fetuses as they grow in their mother’s womb. It is even helpful in the brain development (improvement of mental capacity and capabilities) of newborns, toddlers, and young children up to the age of 5. We as human beings have come to learn the use of music as therapy and much more.

Which Type of Music is More Beneficial and How

With classical music and instrumentals being the most beneficial, findings have been published that support the therapeutic capabilities of music. Various studies such as this have shown that classical music lowers blood pressure and heart rate. And to go a step further, another study produced findings that when coupled with antihypertensive drugs, music proved beneficial for those suffering from hypertension. It works in harmony with antihypertensive medications helping these drugs to perform more efficiently in reducing the symptoms affecting those with high blood pressure or hypertension.



Music is also helpful to those with heart conditions, by helping the heart and blood vessels perform efficiently. Such music (Classical and instrumental music) work by calming the nervous system and helping stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for reducing blood pressure and slowing down heart rate.



Music is a great part of life that we must take time to enjoy and even use therapeutically for the betterment of our health. It has such a powerful effect on the mind, body, soul, and spirit that it should not be easily disregarded. Music can uplift and brighten your day, so definitely take the time to make use of it wisely (i.e. while taking a long soak in the tub, relaxing at home, while taking a walk, while exercising at the gym, etc.) and you will be able to reap its wonderful benefits.






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