Engaging Your Kids When it Comes to Eating Healthy Foods

When it comes to eating healthy, it is highly important for kids especially since they are still growing. As parents we all know it can be difficult to get our children to eat healthy especially if we are dealing with picky eaters.So, here are a few tips to help even the pickiest of eaters and that can help with engaging your kids when it comes to eating healthy foods.


Introducing Your Kids to A World of Healthy Eating

Try getting your kids into gardening at an early age, especially if you like tending to a garden. It is not only a great pastime,  it is also fun and adds to quality time spent together. Plus you get a good workout while you are at it.

For little kids, cutting  fruits and veggies into fun shapes can make for a smoother transition to healthier snacks or substitutions. It sparks their curiosity and makes healthy eating less of a battle.

Plus you can enlist their help by handing them the butter knife, yes, I said butter knife (a flat, rounded knife with no sharp edge) . It may not be proper etiquette,  but for safety reasons it certain will do the trick (believe me, its personally tried and true and prevents accidents). We have tried my butter knife method to cut many fruits and some vegetables and it works just fine even with apples; however,  I would recommend limiting its use to just soft fruits.

Cookie cutters also make for a good,  quick way to safely cut fruits into fun shapes and make for healthy fast food.

Dinner knives like this with a thin serrated edge also work as well.  Also, it helps your kids feel good about themselves when they can help mommy or daddy cut up those fruits for their fruit salad or snack time.



You can also add vegetables your kids favorite meals,  spaghetti is a great one for incorporating fresh veggies whether you choose to dice them up into tiny pieces or simply puree a variety of veggies and add it into the spaghetti sauce (half a cup to a cup of mixed veggies usually makes for a tasty addition to plain spaghetti sauce or even one already packed with veggies).


To Dip or Not to Dip

Adding tasty (and healthy) dips can also make healthy foods fun for kids.

Next time, try a little bit of plain yogurt with a bit of agave syrup and or honey as a slightly sweetened dip for some fruits (apples,  melons, pineapples, cantaloupes,  pears, are just a few) and even vegetables (think carrots). This dip goes very well with these and will encourage your kids, especially the wee little ones to finish their fruits and veggies. Just be sure to not make it sugary as that will take over the taste and take away from the healthiness of eating fruits and veggies.

You can also switch things a bit and add a small amount of caramel for an added treat every now and then.

Fruit preserves or a simple blend of fruits are a great addition for creamy dips and yogurt blends and help make healthy snacks more appealing.


Tips for Making Healthy Snacking Work 

Take it slow when introducing new fruits especially when it comes to exotic fruits not just for the sake of allergies, but to give them time to get used to the taste. You can add a couple of pieces along with their favorite fruits or vegetables and see whether they notice.

If they don’t notice,  you can always make it into a game of what does it taste like and guess that  new vegetable (or fruit).


Wrapping It Up

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Cures Everything Except Death | Healing Foods

There are a plethora of foods that are considered healing foods as long as you do your research you will come across a variety of foods that you can eat to help heal your body. The healing food I am about to discuss is quite a phenomenon, it has been known to help cleanse the body, heal arthritic pain, help the body detoxify, among other great properties. Healing Foods overall are a great addition to anyone’s diet and this is no exception it has been stated to cure everything except death – now that is a statement of the century in my book. Whether the statement is true it is up to the individual to decide.

Disclaimer: As with all claims whether it be natural foods or medicines that are synthetically made, please remember to do your research. Do your diligence to make sure what you put in your body is healthy for you. Also, always consult with your physician before undergoing any new regiments that can impact your health.

Make sure that you are introducing this product gradually and not in a manner that may cause any harm or possible reactions that are unfavorable. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do consult with your doctor before using this product. Also, make sure if you are using any medications to consult with your doctor and confirm that there will be no interactions with your medication.

Cures Everything Except Death

This eye raising statement can definitely raise some doubts in the minds of many people. Now at this point you may be wondering what exactly is this healing food that can cure everything except death. So, without further adieu, this awesome, wonderful healing food is (drum roll please…) Black Cumin Seed Oil. This oil is also known as black onion seed oil.


Black cumin seeds


If you have ever heard of Kalonji (used in Indian flat breads such as Naan) or black caraway seeds, then you more than likely are familiar with black cumin without realizing it.

This oil has been around many of years and has been used for a variety of therapeutic and healing properties. From cooking and making flat breads such as naan to topical skin care applications, this oil is a super versatile oil to have and use on a regular basis.

It has properties that prove to be highly beneficial (in more ways than one) to almost anyone. Such properties include anti-inflammatory properties, as well as, antioxidant properties.


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All the Benefits of this Oil

Black Cumin Seed Oil, is a superb supplement to add to your daily supplements. It has been touted to help ease and in some cases heal arthritic joint pain, especially when used topically. This is all due to its aforementioned anti-inflammatory properties.

Thymoquinone is the chemical compound that is responsible for black seed oil’s anti-inflammatory, as well as, antioxidant properties.

Studies have shown that this compound can help kill cancer cells by activating cell death or apoptosis. however these studies are limited to just cellular levels of testing as opposed to human clinical trials. But there is an abundance of testimonies as to the health benefits of this oil.

The Many Ways to Use This Oil

Arthritic joint care, pain relief, skin care, digestive problems, headaches, allergic reactions, issues with blood pressure, and immune system boosting properties /ability to help fight off illnesses, as well as, heal infections These are just a few of the health benefits that this oil can provide.

Other health benefits include, but are not limited to reduction of inflammation, treatment of disease such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are some of the major ways in which this oil can prove to be helpful.

It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great topical application to use in any cases where you may find inflammation, whether joint related or a tumor found in or on the body.

This oil is best taken as a liquid although it not does not have a highly palatable taste. If you find the taste highly intolerable, then the next best option you have is to take it in capsules. Do keep in mind though that this form (encapsulated form) has been reported to be less effective….

This oil has many benefits for the skin and is highly useful in treating skin problems such as acne and even allergic reactions and skin sensitivities like eczema.




Although there are many health benefits to using black cumin seed oil, one should always exercise caution when trying something new.

If taking this oil, do make sure that you are taking the daily recommended dosage once you have undergone a slow introduction to your system.

If you have tried many avenues for pain or inflammation relief, or even ways of relieving allergic or skin sensitivity issues such as eczema or even psoriasis, then by all means, do consider giving black seed oil a try. It may prove to be highly versatile and can provide you with many uses that will prove to be very beneficial to you in the long run.

Click here if you would like to try black seed oil.

Let’s get a discussion going, let me know your experiences with black cumin seed oil whether good or bad.

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Teas You Can Drink without Adding Sugar

If you are like me and are trying to cut down on sugar, but you love having your morning cup of tea, here are some teas that you can enjoy without having to use any sugar or very little if you so choose. These teas also pair very well with honey, as a sugar substitute, and are what I consider to be some of the best teas you can drink without adding sugar.





  1. Rooibos Tea – caffeine-free tea that has many health benefits from relieving headaches, to allergy relief, and with the added bonus of antioxidants. Red Rooibos Tea is a fermented herbal tea that is great for bone health, preventing premature aging, insomnia, headaches, allergies, asthma, and helps boost your body’s immune system, among other benefits. It contains a variety of minerals like calcium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and potassium among many others.

  2. Lemon Tea – not only do you get the added bonus of a boost in vitamin C, but this tea helps strengthen your immune system, clear out your sinuses, and also helps in soothing any problems with the throat. This tea is also great for detoxifying the body and cleansing out the system in a gentle, but effective manner. It is an absolutely refreshing tea and is great for relaxing and energizing the body. It in itself can be used as a substitute for sugar in other teas that are less palatable or require a great deal of sugar. By adding this to your other teas you can also increase the effectiveness and benefits absorbed from your tea. A big plus is that lemon tea contains ascorbic acid which is a great antioxidant and citric acid which can be beneficial when it comes to digestion. If taking medications or if you have high blood pressure it is best to consult with your physician before undertaking a regular regimen of drinking lemon tea.

  3. Ginger Tea – besides being a belly fat burner, this incredible rhizome (rootstalk) is highly beneficial in many aspects, one of which is its use as a tea. As a tea, it provides various benefits, such as reducing any congestion and opening up nasal passageways. It is a fantastic tea to drink on a regular basis, especially for sinus sufferers as it helps clear out any congestion and can be highly beneficial in preventing further congestion. It is high in magnesium and other minerals. And can be a fantastic remedy that helps boost the immune system thereby helping to ward off colds, the flu and the occasional cough.  It can also promote digestive health, as well as, respiratory health. Other benefits include but are not limited to an increase in weight loss by blocking fat absorption from food, breaking down fat, and preventing storage of new fat, therefore, helping keep a slimmer figure. Ginger tea has also been shown to improve  brain function, help with reducing nausea and vomiting, and relieve muscle pain and joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Do consult with your physician if using or taking any medications as Ginger is known to thin the blood.

  4. Turmeric Tea – yellow or white, (although yellow turmeric may be easier to find) but of all the teas listed, turmeric tea may be a bit too strong and more so on the bitter side of things, however, I find that in due time, the taste is highly palatable with very little honey or sugar, but preferably honey. Great for relieving inflammation and pain and highly beneficial for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This rhizome also has immune boosting abilities and has been shown to help the immune system fight against cancer cells. It contains  antioxidants and has been shown to have antiviral, as well as, antibacterial properties. As with ginger tea, please consult your physician when taking other medications before implementing its use on a regular basis.

  5. Chamomile Tea – this tea is great for use when it comes to bedtime; however, it is one of those light teas that has a very pleasant taste and with very little need for any sugar. Not only is it a great sleep aid, but it also aids in digestion. It is a wonderful tea useful in lowering the possibility of heart disease and a variety of other diseases, such as, cancer. Other benefits include strengthening the immune system, soothing a sore throat, clearing nasal passageways, and reducing stress.

  6. Rosemary Tea – This is a wonderful tea that helps detoxify the body and it helps the body fend off bacterial infections. It is also highly beneficial in improving blood circulation. It is chock-full of nutrients and lots of antioxidants. With its pleasant smell and taste, it is of no surprise that it requires little to no added sugar. Rosemary tea is great for memory and may delay early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as, dementia. It is also an anti-inflammatory tea and can be used to treat chronic inflammation of the joints. This tea is an emmenagogue, meaning that it can stimulate and blood flow when it comes to menstruation. Also, if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, please do not drink this tea as it can cause problems with pregnancy and can possibly cause fetus to be aborted. Consult with your doctor if taking any medications  to ensure that rosemary tea does not interact with them in a negative way.

  7. Hibiscus Tea – this tea is great for reducing inflammation, treating liver diseases, and boosting the immune system. It has also been shown to reduce blood pressure. Hibiscus Tea helps prevent heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.  This is a beneficial tea for Type II Diabetics as it has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels.

  8. White Tea – contains high levels of antioxidants and is highly beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. It is also great for reducing the signs of aging.There are many benefits of this tea and its smooth and light taste make it a fantastic option when it comes to tea time with very little need for sugar.


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Coffee, Is It or Isn’t it Good for You


There has been plenty of debate about this -coffee is thought to be good for you and there are those who think that it is bad for you. We all know that too much of anything can be bad for you no matter how good it is. So when it comes to coffee, is it or isn’t it good for you? Well, for now the answer is YES, coffee is good for you!! And it can even increase your chances of living a long life – now this is fantastic news for coffee drinkers the world over!

According to a study published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), coffee can help improve longevity.

Researchers studied over half a million people in the United Kingdom and determined that coffee was indeed good for your health and not as bad as originally thought. There was a varying range in the number of cups drank per day for the individuals that were involved in the studies. Some drank as much as, 8 or more cups of coffee per day and others drank, as little as, a cup or less.

The research conducted concluded that those who drank two to three cups per day had a 12% chance of lowering the risk of death compared to those who didn’t drink any coffee (Erikka Loft field, a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute). And a big plus is that it did not matter whether the coffee was decaffeinated or caffeinated, brewed or instant – either way the benefit was still there – increased longevity.

Antioxidants Present in Coffee

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and there are various antioxidants present in coffee. These antioxidants can help with losing weight preventing diabetes and some forms of cancer. Benefits of eating foods that are high in antioxidants is that these antioxidants help get rid of free radicals in the body.

For those who do not know, free radicals are responsible for creating diseases and causing damages to various parts of the body. The antioxidants present in beverages such as coffee help the body rid itself of free radicals by flushing it out of the bloodstream naturally.

Though there are negative thoughts and beliefs based on past studies conducted in relation to coffee and its impact on health, the benefits that the high levels of antioxidants found in coffee provide may prove it worth it.

Cafestol, is one of those antioxidants found in coffee. It moderates the acid in the intestine and helps in preventing inflammation in the brain.

Trigonelline is another antioxidant found in coffee, it degrades when the coffee is roasted into vitamin B3 otherwise known as niacin or nicotinic acid. This antioxidant helps prevent dental cavities and has proven to be at antibacterial compound.

Chlorogenic acid is abundant in roasted coffee as well as green coffee, it is a compound that is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and it’s highly beneficial to the body and helps to maintain it in a healthy state.



Antioxidants in the form of phenols also found in coffee are highly beneficial in neutralizing free radicals and removing the negative impacts caused by oxidative stress.

These are just a few of the antioxidants present in coffee and their various benefits. With so many antioxidant benefits, coffee is definitely not something to shy away from, but to use in moderation.



Still Wondering, Is that Cup of Java Really Worth It?

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to help wake you up in the morning. For some, coffee is even a reason to get up in the morning and go to work. Whatever your reason; drinking coffee in moderation can prove highly beneficial. And if you want your morning cup of coffee to be even more so beneficial, be sure to buy organic coffee beans and grind them up yourself right before you make that cup. This provides you with all the natural and beneficial oils  that the coffee beans will release  once grounded. Also, grinding your own coffee beans provides you the satisfaction of knowing what is going into your cup. That is because pre-ground and instant coffee can sometimes contain filler ingredients that you may not want in your cup of coffee. Therefore, diminishing the quality, as well as, benefits that you get from your coffee.

When used appropriately, coffee can be very good for your system, it not only acts as a laxative, but it can also act as an energizer for your mind and body (albeit temporarily).

There are great benefits to drinking coffee. The biggest one being that it is an excellent source of antioxidants which aids your body in fending off disease.

The study published showed that non-coffee drinkers had shorter life spans in comparison to those who drank one and even up to eight cups of coffee a day.

Other Studies have shown that drinking coffee is great for improving moods and also reduces the risks for various diseases such as colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.


As with everything, moderation is the key. So with that in mind, take heed when it comes to excessive indulgence in regards to coffee drinking.  Worst case scenario, over-indulging in coffee can send someone to the hospital. So keep in mind that you are ingesting a stimulant due to the caffeine present in your coffee (unless you are drinking decaffeinated coffee which has very small amounts of caffeine). And do take heed to warnings signs from your body in response to too much caffeine.  Such signals can be a crazy array of symptoms like headaches, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, and the jitters.

I think when it comes to this you have to use your own personal judgment and if coffee is not good for your body and causes any health issues, then by all means, stay away from it. However, if you have no problems with coffee, then most certainly continue drinking it, but do so in moderation.

For all sinus sufferers out there, be sure to pace yourself when it comes to coffee as this can aggravate sinuses. However, if you are not suffering from sinusitis or any sinus issues, then there is no need to worry about enjoying that morning cup of java. After all, there is just something undeniably comforting about having a hot cup of coffee in the morning, especially for those who are always on the go.

Dealing with the Naysayers

So, there is no longer any need to shy away from your daily coffee fix, but I’m sure you won’t be hard-pressed to find those who beg to differ. Since a cup of coffee a day has been shown to increase your longevity, coffee lovers can now make a strong argument against those who may voice their disdain for coffee drinking. As long as you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with as little sugar as possible and little to no creamer, coffee can be highly beneficial and is quite okay to drink on a regular basis.


Summing It Up

This study has help to shed some light on the benefits of drinking coffee, but let’s be realistic, other factors come into play, like lifestyle choices in food, exercise, etc. Not to mention, external factors such as stress and other environmental factors. So if you enjoy that morning cup of brew go ahead and drink up! But do remember to do so responsibly that means no packing on the creamer or the sugar and drink in moderation!!!

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Joining a Healthy Living Program

So, if you are someone who likes a more hands-on approach when comes to living a healthy lifestyle, then you may want to consider joining a healthy living program. This is a program that helps you keep track of eating healthy and staying physically active.

There are various programs available out there some of them may come at a nominal cost where as others may be on the expensive side of things; however, these programs can prove highly beneficial in helping you stay healthy in the long run.


Coupled along with various healthy living blogs and websites, achieving a healthy weight and or healthy lifestyle is very attainable. Whether you decide to enlist the help of a healthy living program is really up to you. However, if you find yourself on what seems to be roller coaster ride when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle,  I have compiled various positive reasons for considering or joining a healthy living program. And I have included how it can benefit you in making a healthy lifestyle an everyday routine.


The following are great options when looking for a Healthy Living  Program:

  1. Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, this is a program designed by experts and one that provides you with a Clinic Certified Wellness Coach that will direct you throughout the program. They have a facility dedicated to providing you with personalized and customizable experience.
  2. Real Living Nutrition Services, this is a program created with a series of check and balance systems put in place to help you continue on with a healthy lifestyle. They provide you with E-coaching /online sessions as a means of maintenance and support when you need it. Coupled with help when it comes to meal planning, you just can’t go wrong.

  3. YMCA, the Y has various health programs to help you attain a healthy lifestyle not just through fitness,  but by taking a holistic approach when it comes to Wellness. I have several programs for various ages and health background, such as their Diabetes Prevention Program, their Livestrong Program for cancer survivor patients, and they even have programs, such as 5210 Y Healthy Hero Program,  made specifically for children to help your child learn healthy habits and stay active.

If it is just not possible to include a Healthy Living Program in your budget, option #3 might serve you best or other options such as an exercise or workout app that provide directions, along with an animated instructor to provide a visual demonstraton, coupled with a diet tracking and healthy recipes app might just prove to be helpful enough.


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Music as Therapy and Much More

Music soothes the soul and is proving to be much more. It is highly therapeutic and can be highly beneficial to the brain development of fetuses as they grow in their mother’s womb. It is even helpful in the brain development (improvement of mental capacity and capabilities) of newborns, toddlers, and young children up to the age of 5. We as human beings have come to learn the use of music as therapy and much more.

Which Type of Music is More Beneficial and How

With classical music and instrumentals being the most beneficial, findings have been published that support the therapeutic capabilities of music. Various studies such as this have shown that classical music lowers blood pressure and heart rate. And to go a step further, another study produced findings that when coupled with antihypertensive drugs, music proved beneficial for those suffering from hypertension. It works in harmony with antihypertensive medications helping these drugs to perform more efficiently in reducing the symptoms affecting those with high blood pressure or hypertension.



Music is also helpful to those with heart conditions, by helping the heart and blood vessels perform efficiently. Such music (Classical and instrumental music) work by calming the nervous system and helping stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for reducing blood pressure and slowing down heart rate.



Music is a great part of life that we must take time to enjoy and even use therapeutically for the betterment of our health. It has such a powerful effect on the mind, body, soul, and spirit that it should not be easily disregarded. Music can uplift and brighten your day, so definitely take the time to make use of it wisely (i.e. while taking a long soak in the tub, relaxing at home, while taking a walk, while exercising at the gym, etc.) and you will be able to reap its wonderful benefits.



Click here to learn about building your own site and more!

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Why is Exercise Essential and how to Ease into Exercising


Nothing beats a good workout when it comes to invigorating the body and giving it that extra oomph or get up and go kind of energy we all crave and sometimes fall short of. There is no doubt, that the body is a well-structured vessel that needs to be put to work because when we switch to a sedentary lifestyle, we often witness the discord it creates in our bodies. So why is exercise essential?

Exercise is not only great for maintaining our bodies in good shape, but it is also great for sharpening the mind as well. Just try it! You can start by easing into it. A week of consistent exercise will often get you feeling so invigorated that you will wonder how you ever got on without it.

Many Ways to Exercise Your Body without Equipment

Often when the word exercise pops up, we think of gyms and workout equipments, but that is not necessarily what we need on a day to day basis to qualify as exercise. Various acts around the house and outside can help us maintain our bodies in a well conditioned state. I’m sure you have noticed how vacuuming the entire house can sometimes result in you working up a sweat. And it doesn’t just end there, the variety of stretches that are involved in cleaning around the house can leave you feeling like you have put in some exercise time. In a sense what I am trying to say is that our body is happier when it is in motion and able to move about in a variety of ways whether it is through natural movements (i.e. stretching, walking – any form of exercise without the use of equipments or via mechanical means (use of workout equipments). I am more so a fan of the former than the latter; I prefer a stroll or jog, with the occasional bike rides, as opposed to gym or stationary workout equipments.

There are so many fun and easy ways to exercise or move your body, that it truly can be done on a daily basis and every bit counts – all things considered, it is a plausible venture. The best way to approach this is to look at it as if you are trying to develop a good habit. Good habits are totally worth it, but do take time to develop, so set your mind to it that you will be in it for the long run (pun intended) and remind yourself that even baby steps count, so keep it moving!

Here are some of the many ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily schedule a little bit at a time:

> Do a 5-minute stretch 30 minutes after waking up (to give your body time to adjust and get things flowing/more fluid). You can build on from there up to about 15 minutes.

> Take a 5-minute walk around your building at work during lunchtime (preferably, a 10-minute walk if time permits).

> If applicable, take the stairs instead of elevator, especially during lunch or at the end of the day.

> Take time to move about every 2-3 hours if your job involves a lot of sitting (every hour if possible, as long as productivity is not affected) – take about 5 minutes or so to stretch at your desk or walk around (use your foreknowledge of your workplace environment and immediate surroundings, as to not cause any distractions or issues with coworkers).

> Choose 1 or 2 days out of the week and park far away from the entrance to your building and do some walking.

> Do lunges when you vacuum and stretch your upper body as much as you can as you reach to move the vacuum around – the same can be done when sweeping or clean and dusting.

> Dancing to your favorite music is a fun and easy way to get in some exercise with the added bonus of relaxing your mind and releasing stress even faster. Plus it can be incorporated into doing chores around the house, like vacuuming. If you would like a more focused approach to dancing as a form of exercise, then there is always Zumba!


Exercising with an Equipment

When it comes to working out with an equipment, the choices are endless. There are basic, complex, and equipments that fall somewhere in between the aforementioned. Starting off with the basics, here is a list of equipments and or tools that when used correctly can give you a great workout and in some cases, a total body workout.



1. Punching Bag – an awesome way to get a total body cardio workout, punching bags are definitely an old, but good way of getting a great full-body workout, especially if you incorporate all the right moves (whether at home or at the gym).



2. Stability Ball / Swiss Ball / Yoga Ball – whichever name you choose, these balls are tools you can use for building core strength, but can also be used to work the upper and lower body.



3. Medicine Ball – these are weighted balls used in strength training and are commonly used in sports medicine, but can be a beneficial addition to anyone’s personal workout plans.

4. Step Platform or a set of stairs – find a set of stairs at in your neighborhood or if you live in a two-story home, then make use of those stairs. Using the stairs at home (six or more times a day) can help improve heart rate.



5. Jump Rope – this is a super cheap way of getting a great cardio workout and can be very beneficial to improving your cardiovascular system (your heart and blood vessels [arteries, and veins]). It is also beneficial for working out the lower body (i.e. toning up your legs).



Other tools and equipments that can be used for working out includes the pull-up bar, kettle bell, great quality dumbbells, resistance bands, Bosu Balls, and even a chair, which is a great for a total body workout – from stretching to light or low intensity aerobics.


Gym and At Home Gym Equipments

Among the myriad of equipments built for working out, there is always good ‘ole faithful – the treadmill. But if your want to venture beyond this, then the following might just be for you.

1. Elliptical – great for low intensity workouts; the gliding motion is easier on the body, and can prove a worthy venture for those who suffer from back pain.



2. Air Bike – great for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this bike gets your legs and arms moving for a full body workout. It uses wind resistance to moderate your workout intensity, in other words, the harder you pedal the more resistance you get from the fan. Great for low impact (easy on the body, especially your joints) workout, plus you have the added bonus of the built in fan to help circulate the air as you work out.



3. Rowing Machine – great for working out the lower body, but can also be used to work out your back, arms, core, and not just those legs muscles especially if used correctly.

4. Recumbent bike – a great equipment set apart from a regular exercise bike due to its reclined backrest with a bucket seat to boot. It can be a fantastic equipment for strengthening the lower body and improving cardiovascular system if used properly (moderate to high intensity is beneficial). The reclined position of this bike make it a great option for those with neck or any upper body issues that prevent or make it difficult for them to stay in an upright position.



5. Chest Press Machine – as the name implies, it is great for working out your chest primarily. Provides a great strengthening workout for the upper body with the added bonus of toning the shoulders and of course, arms.


6. Leg Press Machine – great piece of resistance equipment for toning up your legs with less likelihood of injury, as it ensures proper positioning of your back, as well as, legs during your workout sessions.


Easing into an Exercise Regimen

Follow the golden rule and start small and work your way up; after all, you don’t want to over exert yourself before you’ve even gotten started on your newfound chapter to building a healthier you through exercise. A good start would be 15 minutes every other day – 5 minutes of stretching before you begin and 10 minutes of a low intensity workout. But, be sure to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Typically, around week 2, your body will be acclimated to your 15 minutes session of low intensity workout and you may then push forward by adjusting your time frame by 5 minute increments (up to 10 minute increments if you feel up to it). Do this for at least 2 months and you will be well on your way to building a habit of exercising, so much so, that you will be able to adjust your routine to include both low and moderate intensity workouts and move onward to even high intensity workouts within 4-6 months (12 at the most), that is if high intensity workout is your goal. Otherwise, stick with moderate intensity workouts and keep your body in motion with a regular, weekly exercise schedule. Just remember, you don’t have to stick to the same ‘ole routines, keep it interesting and switch it up every 2 weeks or so and create a series of exercise routines you know you enjoy.



If you have made the decision to include exercise in your health routine, rest assure there are plenty of options out there whether an exercise machine or a basic tool to help you meet your fitness goals. You are bound to find something that works for you! The choice is up to you on what you choose to do exercise wise, but there is no doubt that a sedentary lifestyle benefits no one and often times proves to be detrimental to one’s overall health. One of the major keys to improving and maintaining a good health is exercise; it is essential!! And we have plenty of opportunities and ways to exercise, as well as reasons.

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Mastering the Art of Restful Sleep – Getting Sleep and How It Can Help

Sleep is of great importance, as much as, water is to maintaining a healthy body. Therefore, mastering the art of restful sleep is a must as sleep allows our brain to self-clean (through the movement of fluids). This self-cleaning process is crucial in preventing toxic buildups that can result in brain diseases like Alzheimer. We all need it and our bodies function a lot better when we have adequate sleep. Seven to eight hours is great for a well rested body and mind and knowing the importance of getting the right amount of sleep and how it can help, will ensure you prioritize your activities to better accommodate the recommended hours of sleep. To better understand sleep and its importance, it is best to understand sleep overall. Typically, when you sleep, you experience cycles of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM) and Non-REM Sleep. What occurs first is Non-REM Sleep which happens in 3 stages – the first two stages involve light sleep followed by the third stage, deep sleep. Second is a deeper sleep cycle, REM Sleep in which dreams occur and your brain is more active. It is otherwise known as paradoxical sleep because though the body is in a relaxed state, the brain is quite active. The cycles then repeat starting with the second stage of Non-REM all the way to REM Sleep.



What It Takes to Get a Good Night’s Rest

There is no doubt that the type of bedding you use can affect your level of comfort when it comes to falling asleep, as well as, your pillow and of course without failing to mention, your mattress! Click here for our Puffy Mattress review and discount codes.


No matter your preference, hard, soft, or somewhere in between, your ability to fall asleep quickly and obtain a restful sleep is heavily dependent on the quality of your mattress. So finding the right pillow (here’s a promo code for buy one get one)and mattress are a top priority when it comes to a good night’s rest. But of course, what good is all of that if you can not get your mind, body, and soul in a relaxed state? Unwinding and engaging in an active mode of removing the day’s stresses should begin hours before bed, not minutes. The purpose for this is to gain as tranquil a mind as possible, in order to enable a more restful sleep.


Other Ways of Ensuring Restful Sleep

Home, Sweet Paradise. After a hard day at work, home should be a solace and a means of relaxing and easing your mind. So if isn’t, work on making it just that and practice leaving your troubles at the door, so when you walk through the door, your relaxation begins there.

Declutter, organize, rearrange your furniture, or even renovate to help make your home your own personal paradise. And it does not have to stop with the inside of your home; working on the outside of your home is also a good idea for creating the overall feel of your own personal relaxation spot. If you have family or others living with you, then make it a group activity to come up with things you all agree on that will help make your home a better, more relaxing environment.

Therapeutic Approach. Taking a soothing bath with a fragrant bubble bath gel will not only help relax your body, but your mind as well. And if you don’t like bubble baths, then using fragrant essential oils while bathing or even around the house (in a diffuser) can prove helpful and therapeutic.

Music soothes the soul – so take some time and enjoy listening to some soothing music as you prepare to go to bed. For an even more relaxing time, do so as you take a luxurious bath, all while enjoying the therapeutic smells of fragrant essential oils.

Taking care of aches and pains through acupuncture & chiropractic care can help ensure your body and mind are at ease and able to get ready for a good night’s rest.

The Foods You Eat. Avoid foods loaded with caffeine when considering foods and beverages for dinner, as that might keep you up longer than you need to be.


How Important is Your Pillow?

Your pillow is vital to a good and restful sleep. It could mean the difference between waking up with a creak in your neck or waking up feeling like you slept on a cloud. But seriously, your pillow should provide the best neck support for you, and just like your mattress, you get to decide on the firmness so test it out before you buy it or at least make sure there is a guarantee for a refund of your money in the event that it doesn’t work out for you.

The best quality pillow will often times be available in various firmness, and provide adequate neck support – if you find yourself waking up often with neck pain, then you might want to consider a foam pillow (memory foam pillows are a great option) since it provides a more rigid structure and support for your neck. Since foam pillows are firmer than your conventional pillow, it is best to make sure you get a pillow that is just the right amount of firmness for you, but beware of strong chemical smells that foam pillows often have and select accordingly or find a suitable alternative, as some have a lingering odor that doesn’t air out easily. However, if neck pain is not a concern, then the type of pillow you purchase is truly based on whatever you like. Do keeping in mind that a higher price tag does not mean a better quality pillow. Whether down filled, polyester filled, or memory foam, in the end the choice for your pillow is up to you and your level of comfort.


Your Mattress – Does It Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely! As you already know, your mattress is the key when it comes to getting quality sleep. Yes, it can be expensive, but the benefit will definitely outweigh the cost in the long run and you don’t have to go for broke – keep the expense within your budget and or ensure measurements are in place so you can save up and purchase the perfect mattress for you. There are plenty of brands out there to choose from and the quality should most definitely match the price. It definitely pays to do your research when making such an investment, so don’t shy away from doing your absolute best to gather as much information as possible.



Bedding – Make It Count When It Comes to Thread Count

Whether it is Silk, Pima, Egyptian Cotton, or just plain cotton; whatever the fabric, the thread count can make it worth your while. And in case you are wondering what is a thread count, well it is the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the better – this often translates to softer feel (600 to 1000 thread count can feel very soft and luxurious). Rough sheets tend to have lower thread counts, but not all sheets with low thread counts are rough or poor quality. Sometimes the way the fabric is finished (chemically vs mechanically) can result in a soft feel even with a low thread count (think combed cotton with a 300 thread count). Also, the type of fabric the sheets are made out of can sometimes compensate for the low thread count when it comes to overall feel or softness (you may be pleasantly surprised and find them to be very comfortable).

Speaking of comfort, choosing the right comforter is also helpful for those cold winter months if you live in an area with cold climate. However, if you don’t you can still ensure your bed cover is perfect or to your liking when it comes to softness, as well as, thickness. The feel of your bedding can help you quickly drift off into a restful sleep, so find what feels good to you.

Wrapping It Up

Sleep is very important to your overall healthy, so get plenty of it not just for the sake of beauty, but for the sake of your well-being both physically and mentally. The more restful sleep you get, the better your memory and the health of your brain, so take time to condition yourself in mastering the art of restful sleep.

If you have any other ways of helping ensure a restful night of sleep, then feel free to share in comments section below.





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Ways to Handle Stress

There are plenty of reasons to be stressed out nowadays, but rest assure that there are many awesome ways to handle stress. Signs of stress include, but are not limited to constant fatigue, headaches, increased irritability, as well as, being physically and emotionally drained. Stress can even manifest itself in the form of dis-EASE in the body which can result in pain and in some cases tumors. Of course, not all diseases are caused by stress, but it certainly does not help any preexisting conditions that may be present in the body, nor does it prevent occurrences thereof.


Taking the Stress Out of Life

Realize your Dream! Don’t just talk about it, do something about it. There are so many dreamers out there with so many dreams that are unfulfilled and this does not need to be the case – make your dream a reality – get that business up and running, make that invention a reality, land that gig, etc. Explore your hidden talents, hobbies, goals and even travel wishlist. If you don’t have a hobby, then find a one. And if you wish to travel, then make room in your budget to do so within the very near future (6-10 months is a reasonable time-frame) – where there is a will, there is always a way!

Laugh heartily! Watch your favorite show, comedy, or movie – whichever, makes you feel happy or takes you to a happy place. Take time to laugh as much as possible and do so heartily. Be in the moment, think of nothing else but what you are watching or doing and feel content and at peace and you will quickly find happiness.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Listen to your favorite music and dance to the beat of your own drum – no need for any choreographed moves, unless you are naturally talented in that way. Keep dancing and even belt out a few tunes to help relieve stress & feel relaxed.

Work it out! Yes! Exercise is not only good for keeping your body healthy and in good shape, but it is also good for keeping your mind relaxed, therefore, reducing stress. Just be sure not to over do it.

By Editor5807

Get in Touch with Nature! Make this part of your everday actvities or at least your weekend activities. Whether it is a short walk or hike, or something more hands on like gardening, taking time to observe and take in the beauty of nature is very relaxing. Gardening is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature and can prove extremely rewarding for your body. It not only benefits you physically – it works out and tones your muscles, lowers blood pressure & levels of the stress hormone Cortisol – but emotionally and spiritually as well by relaxing the mind and reducing stress significantly. Plus the added bonus of Vitamin D from the time you get in the sun. Even if you are not a master gardener, you can still try your hand at growing a flower or two and or your favorite green(s) or vegetable(s).

Find inner peace! Through meditation, you can find inner peace. Having peace and quiet and time to clear your thoughts can be a healing time that will aid in the release of pent-up energy caused by stress, so consider incorporating it in your daily or weekly routines.

A piece of the “pie”! No need to be envious of the success of others, be happy for them, in fact, try to help them succeed even more and you might find yourself at peace and feeling joyful. And maybe before you even realize it, you might find yourself just as successful or even more so.

Last, but not least, Pray! Pray is powerful and when we pray and believe in the one, true everlasting God, then we are relieved of our troubles and peace takes hold. You will be able to deal with stress accordingly, as God reveals things to you.

Animated dove by Ayuugyi



Grabbing the Bull by its Horns

Deal with the source of your stress in a positive manner by confronting it tactfully, especially so if it is involves someone else. If not, confront your stress or stress factors by tackling it (or them) head on all the while making an action plan and sticking to it. And if it works out well, then great! If not, then revise it by looking back at where you could need improvement or a different course of action or approach. No more head in the sand and no more looking the other way or pretending it’s not there because it is highly unhealthy and causes your stress level to mount. Handle it and keep it moving.


Embracing a Life of Reduced Stress

Accept and embrace your new stress reduced life. Don’t fret about the stress you endured in the past – move past it and look forward to the possibility of more stress free days. Minimize activities or events that you know leads to extreme stress. Limit contact with people who cause you undue stress and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who have the best thoughts and actions towards you and be sure you do the same for them.

Making it Work

As funny as it may be to think of this, some people may find themselves having a hard time getting adjusted to a life filled with less stress or even possibly a stress free life. It is important to stick to the methods that I worked for reducing your stress levels going backwards and picking back up where you once were, will only bring greater stress and possibilities of regrets. So, in other words, don’t go looking for issues or trying to retrieve old “baggages” – remember why and how hard you worked to break free of those stress factors and leave them where they belong — in the past. Once you let go or relieve yourself of stressful situations, individuals, and or issues, then going back should never be an option, you should now be focused on leading a happier and joyful life.


Summing It Up

A healthy mind gives way to a healthy body and vise-versa. So make time to relax and free yourself of stress and any emotional hindrances. From time to time, be sure to assess your life and don’t be afraid to make changes where changes are due, because life is not meant to be lived in a state of constant stress. If you are in need of help with relieving your stress, it is perfectly okay to seek help whether it is from others who may have been through your situation or similar. Or from those are well-equipped in dealing with stressful situations. Apply as many of the listed or aforementioned techniques to help you combat and even eliminate the many areas of stress you may be experiencing. With so many factors of stress surrounding day to day life, do your best to know and make use of the many ways of handling stress.


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What Is Grass-Fed Beef and Is It Really Worth It

With so many chemically laddened foods available out there, it is no wonder many people are looking to return to nature and the simplicity of it. Plants and animals alike, we as humans are responsible for how we make use of these God given resources and if we choose to chemically and genetically alter God’s creations, then we are responsible for the consequences thereof. We can choose to be willing participants whether directly, in the name of science; or indirectly, as consumers of genetically or chemically modified foods. Nature is and always will be the best option we have to stay in good health. Disrupting the natural needs of any living creature is bound to cause discord within its body. If an animal created to eat grass is forced to eat grains or anything other than what its system is capable of handling, then the stress that results in the animal’s body will lead to disease and abnormalities that lessen the quality of life for that animal and its potential as quality food. The idea of grass-fed beef shouldn’t be something sought after, but should instead be the norm.



What is Grass-Fed Beef?

So if you are concerned with the foods you put in your body, then at some point in time, you may have asked, what is grass-fed beef and is it really worth it? You may have even gone a step further, wondering why isn’t the meat I buy grass-fed to begin with and what could these animals possibly have eaten besides grass? Well, with various talks of cows being fed candy it’s no wonder why these questions may have popped up at some point in time. Well, I intend to answer some of these questions.

As the name suggests, grass-fed beef comes from animals that were raised on grass. But that doesn’t always mean they were not fed grains at some point in their life. Unfortunately, there are meat products out there that may have the words, “grass-fed” on the package, but the animals may have been fed grains during the latter part of their lives and therefore, would not be classified as grass-finished, but could still carry the “grass-fed” label. So it is up to the consumer to be aware of such practices and be knowledgeable of where their meat is coming from by speaking with butcher, meat-counter employees, or by examining packaging to gather such information. Also, further research can be done on the farms local grocery stores source their meats from, in order to gain a better understanding of how the animals are kept or treated, as well as, what the animals are fed throughout their lifetime.

As the need for grass-fed meat increases, so does the possibility of loopholes being exploited. In order to avoid this, we as consumers must ensure beef sources are trusted and or certified as grass-fed beef by certifying associations (A Greener World or American Grassfed Association are such certification programs) that verify not only that animals are fed grass, but that they are also grass-finished – i.e. they were not given grains during the later part of their lives. Some grass-fed beef products now have 100% grass-fed and grass finished stated on the packaging, as well as, logo from a certifying company, to help reassure customers that they are getting truly grass-fed meat.


Is Grass-Fed Beef Really Worth It?

Yes, most definitely, grass-fed beef is worth it. Not only are you getting more nutritious meat (more iron, phosphorus, Vitamin A and E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid to list a few), but you are also getting meat that does not come from an animal that has been fed an unnatural diet, which often leads to the need for antibiotics to prevent or get rid of diseases.

Not only is grass-fed beef more nutritious, but it is also very tasty. But bare in mind that everyone is different and for some, the flavor may take getting use to especially so for those who prefer very little seasoning in their food. Also, do keep in mind that not all grass-fed beef will taste alike. Taste can and will vary depending on the type and quality of grass the animal grazes on which can depend on the location or region of the world in which the animal is pastured.




Grass-Fed Beef and Possible Disadvantages

There are plenty of advantages to buying grass-fed beef; however, there are disadvantages when it comes to the availability of grass-fed beef over feedlot beef. Also, rules and regulations that should be steadfastly enforced in governing what is labeled as grass-fed beef is currently limited. This makes it especially difficult on the consumer to trust whether they are truly getting what they are paying for when purchasing beef that is simply labeled as grass-fed beef without mandating further information on the processing or finishing of the animal. This, however, should not deter anyone from taking the steps necessary to obtain better, healthier meat products as opposed to choosing what is readily available that in the end may lead to poor health. Grass-fed beef is something that will definitely become more readily available if we as consumers decide to make it known that it is our preferred choice, by choosing to purchase it over feedlot varieties.


How to Get Grass-Fed Beef

You best source would be your local farms, next option would be a farmers market or a health food near you. And if neither of these options work for you, then there are online sources that may prove to be resourceful. You can always choose to do a bulk purchases whether from a local farm or an online source, just be sure to do your research, before ordering. It is even better to purchase in bulk from your local farm if you can find a group of people or friends to purchase half or even a whole animal to get a better deal per pound and reduce the cost and be sure to find out whether they can arrange for delivery or pickup. Check out this site for statewide and local farms.



Eating grass-fed meats can get expensive; but it is certainly worth it, especially when it comes to good health. So definitely give grass-fed beef a try and in the long run you will notice the difference in your body and in the way you feel overall. It is truly a good, healthy source of protein without the worries of chemicals, antibiotics, or any other foreign substances being added to your diet. And with so many points of contact when it comes to chemicals nowadays, our foods should not be one of them.




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