Viking Pressure Cooker Review

Viking makes a great pressure cooker for your stovetop that is sure to please. Using the Viking Pressure Cooker is quite simple and helps make quick work of meal prepping and certainly should be considered in place of an electric pressure cooker in our honest opinion. As you read through our Viking Pressure Cooker Review, let us know in the comments section below if you own one and what is your favorite food to make in your Viking Pressure Cooker.

What’s So Good About the Viking Pressure Cooker

The Viking Pressure cooker is much like any stovetop pressure cooker. However, it is set apart from the rest in that it is durable tri ply stainless steel and has distinguishing features that gives it the look of a pot and a pressure cooker rolled into one. Less of a bulky, space hogging design and more of a compact and thoughtful design from the heat proof handles to the simple, but sensible locking mechanism to ensure safety in preparing taste full course meals in a fraction of the time.

Simply get your ingredients together and put them in the pot. Any sides you would like to have can be easily made by placing them in the steamer basket that comes along with the Viking Pressure Cooker. You can even use PIP (Pot in Pot) method of cooking to create many healthy recipes all at once. But do be mindful of the time needed to cook your meals in order to avoid over cooking and some instances, undercooking certain foods.

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Simple healthy meals like fish with a side of broccoli and steamed leafy greens can all be made all at once. Healthy nutrition starts with your plate so, plan accordingly to ensure you get well on your way to healthy living by making delicious healthy recipes with your Viking Pressure Cooker.

You will be pleased to know that this pressure cooker provides easy to follow instructions not just on how to use it, but also on how long to cook certain meals and or foods which makes it that much easier to gauge and plan what foods would cook best together in the pot without to much of a difference in cooking time.

How to use the Viking Pressure Cooker

After prepping your food and placing it in the cooker, make sure the silicone seal gasket is properly in place on the lid and that the easy lock dial properly closes by setting the lid onto the pot evenly, making sure that it is aligned with the body of the pot. Then, turn the dial counterclockwise until the knob lines up to the “closed” mark and the knob or dial stops clicking. You may need to apply some pressure to make sure the lid closes properly, bu that is not all that necessary if you aligned your lid properly.

Then, place the pressure release valve in position 1 for low pressure or position 2 for high pressure – what postion you use, of course, depends on what you are cooking.

For safety reasons, make sure your cooker is sitting flat on the the burner and use  burner size and flame size (if using gas) to prevent flames lapping over the edges of the pot.

Start with heat on high to quickly pressurized the pot even if you plan to cook with low pressure. The pressure indicator (red tipped valve) will release some steam and once that stem has released, it will quickly rise up. Once the pressure indicator is all the way up, you should lower the heat to a point where the pressure indicator can still stand fully upright. Please do NOT attempt to open pot lid at this point because your stovetop cooker is now fully pressureized and doing so will cause a burst of steam to be released and most like  resulting in injury.

One your pressure cooker is pressurized, your cooking time begins and it should be smooth sailing from there on.

Once cooking time is achieved (based on meal being prepared), you can turn the steam vent to release the steam, making sure to be a safe distance from the released pressurized steam.

You can choose a fast release or slow release of the pressurized steam, but with both methods you should definitely wait for the red pressure indicator to go all the way down, then and only then is it safe to open your pressure cooker.

Using one hand to hold on to the handle and your other hand to turn the easy lock dial clockwise will further help you safely open your stovetop Viking Pressure Cooker.

How Hard is Cleanup?

Well, cleanup is of course a breeze and is easily done because you will have one or two pots (depending on method of cooking) to clean and that is always a good thing.

If by any chance you get any food stuck onto the bottom of the pot, then you can simply fill the pot midway with water and let it boil for a little over ten minutes. And then let cool and then easily scrub away burnt or stuck on foods and you are good as new.


I hope you give the Viking Pressure Cooker a try and if you already have one, please let us know in the comment  section below. We would love to hear from you your likes and your dislikes and whether you think owning a stovetop pressure cooker is at all worth it.

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