So, here are some of the ways you can ensure your baby is comfortable and that you are getting some much needed rest, afterall, making baby comfortable is top priority cause baby rules! …well, at least for the first two to three months…so, let’s dive in.

If It feels Rough to You Then…It Will for Baby Too

This is an area that can often times be overlooked, especially so with all the variety of clothing manfacturers out there that are pitching their baby wear to new and been there before parents.

Of course, organic cotton or fabrics are best for baby, especially so newborns, but if the price tag is compatible with your budget, then the next best thing is to purchase baby clothes with a higher thread count and softer feel. In order words, if it feels soft and luxurious to you, then it should be more than adequate for your newest addition. However, we love to aim for a plush and more so downy soft feel for clothing, blankets, and bedding – anything that your baby will have prolonged contact with, so feel soft and cozy.

The purpose is to get your darling little one to feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

The last thing you want is a constantly irritated, crying infant and all because of itchy or irritating fabric.

If you have done all you can to soothe your little one and you find that they are irritated, especially right after a bath, then you can try switching their clothing to organic or a softer, more breathable material. But make sure to massage them with a soothing baby lotion, prior to changing clothing to help get rid of an irritation or itchiness they may be feeling.

Just Because It Smells Good to You Doesn’t Mean Its Good for Baby

Even when it comes to baby fragrances or products that are marketed for baby, it is best to approach cautiously when choosing products for your your baby. The best way to avoid fragrances is to avoid commercial products and keep is as natural as possible with natural butters and oils when it comes to baby’s skin care. Shea Butter, cocoa butter, and even Mango butter if you can find it in its unrefined form is great for keeping baby’s skin supple and moisturized. But as with commercial products, do monitor your little one for any irritation or allergic reactions that may occur.

If you find raw butters and natural ingredients hard to come by, then non-fragrance, hypo-allergenic water based products will prove to be a good alternative. Just use your judgement and try to stir clear of products that have strong chemical smells.

Getting Baby to Relax

Singing is one simple, but great way to get baby to relax. It not only soothes your baby to hear your voice, but that old firmiliar crooning, may very well do the trick and get your little one relaxed and ready for bed or feeling at ease. Most babies enjoy songs whether on tune or off.

However, there are few babies who are far from tone deaf and well, may not receive your off-tune crooning all that well. So, if your baby starts crying everytime you belt out a note, then do yourself a favor and forego singing altogether and put turn on your some music.

Relax your wee one with a lovely massage followed by a warm and soothing bath with a few drops of natural fragrances such as lavender or this line of baby washes that works wonders when it comes to relaxing baby without being strongly scented.


There are many ways to soothe your little one and we hope you have found one or more ways to help soothe your precious little bundle of joy and will let us know if you have other ways to help keep your little one happy that you don’t mind sharing with us.