Healthy Portions For Thanksgiving

In the US, today is a day celebrated as Thanksgiving and a time for reuniting with family and loved ones and there is nothing more satisfying than be surrounded by those who love and care for you. We here at healthy living from head to toe, would like to wish all our subscribers and visitors a Happy Thanksgiving, especially those who are in the US. For all those outside of the US, we know you may celebrate this day at a different time during the year, but one day is not enough for giving thanks. So we hope and pray that wherever you find yourself today, that you find something to be thankful for and make it a day of reflecting over all the good and make it a point to reach out to those you love and be thankful for them.

Starting Out Your Thanksgiving Day

First of, starting your day with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, may prove very helpful in helping you carry on through the day as you get to meet and greet new and old family members. Now, this is best when done a week or two prior, but it doesn’t hurt to start the day of either. One way of making sure you amp up your defense against cold and or  flu is to drink lots of ginger and lemon tea.

Starting off the day with a warm cup of lemon tea, not only boosts your Vitamin C levels, but also giving you an add boost in energy. You will certainly feel more energized and ready to take on the day and for those suffering with sinus issues, there is added benefit for you as well, as the lemon tea will clear up that cloudy, achy,  stuffed up feeling. Leaving you with the feeling like you are taking in a breath of fresh air and are ready to take on the day.

Eating Healthy on Thanksgiving

When we come to this time of year, we are less worried about what we eat being on the healthy scale of things, but it is possible to be healthier or at least eat healthier even on Thanksgiving and here is how.

First off, choose organic ingredients – your greens, meat, flour, etc. are great ways to ensure the meals prepared are healthier.

Second, prepare what you can in a pressure cooker and or clay pot – these cooking vessels will help keep the nutrients in your food – so fewer nutrients are lost. With a pressure cooker, such as this, you get the nutrients locked in as you would a clay pot, but in a fraction of the time. If you have plenty of time then, by all means opt for a clay pot like this and you will have slow cooked meals prepped with most the nutrients present. Which makes for a healthier mealtime all together.

Third, make sure your plate is dominated by veggies and plant based foods, with a quarter of your plate being meat. For a reference or example, take a look at the pic below.

This will provide you with lots of healthy nutrients and less unhealthy portions that can contribute to weight gain and inflammatory response in the body.


It is possible to eat healthy during the holidays and Thanksgiving is no different from other family gathering oriented holidays, so enjoy your Thanksgiving and make meal times as healthy as possible by make sure your plate is dominated by plant based foods and limit the meat. You don’t have to total avoid certain foods, especially during the holidays… after all it is okay to indulge every now and then. Just be sure you are more mindful of the portions you eat and make health conscious decisions through the ingredients used in food preparations, as well as, the proportions of meats to plant based foods.

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