Managing Financial Stress for the Sake of Your Health

Managing Financial Stress for the Sake of Your Health – in today’s world of buy now, pay later, it is easy to find yourself getting overwhelmed in the end when it comes time to pay those bills! There are too many ways to get in debt and not so many ways to get put of debt. The ability to recognize when you are in over your head is a come to God moment and often times involves facing the reality of having take one too many missteps and sometimes it is simply due to unfortunate circumstances that take place.

Seek Help | Build a Support System

If at all possible try to seek help from those who you consider to be close family members of true friends and create a circle or community of trust that can be mutually beneficial to all. Basically, forming a mutual or altruistic group in which when needed help can be obtained by sharing of burdens, whether financial, emotional, or spiritual.


Structure Out Your Own Support System

When it comes to finances, such as a group or community, its members should include only those who can truly be trusted to avoid any major issues. If you belong to the disappearing middle class, then forming such a group is highly valuable, as it can help ensure a better chance of sustaining households.


Build Your Own Business

If you are a business minded or business oriented, then branching out and seeking help from those that have come before you and seeking help from those around you in getting help to spread the word so to speak and becoming that much more successful can help supplement income and in some cases replace income if need be.

Reduce  External Money Drainers

Really take the time to examine your life and determine what your money is being put towards. Find out what is taking up a majority of your income and prioritize your list and determine whether your listed items are wants or needs.

Based on your list, you should then determine what you can do without. For the most part you should be eliminating wants and a good chunk of your list should be needs. Allow for one or two wants if possible, just so you make sure to enjoy your money and treat yourself and even though it may seem counterproductive, it can in some way make it feel worth while to trek on with simplifying your finances. Plus you don’t get the great big shock of quitting cold turkey when it comes to doing anything remotely fun or self loving.

Diversify and Boost Income Avenues

By now, the need to not only grow your income, but also diversify it has sunken in, especially if you find yourself more so on the worker end of things rather than entrepreneurial. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with going to a nine to fiver, but you must ask yourself if that nine to fiver is allowing you the capability of saving enough to have your money work for you or if it is simply sustaining your way of life on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Unfortunately, in most cases it is barely making ends meet….

One way to boost boost income is by having dual or more income households. Most times this involves both spouses working or generating some form of income on a regular basis in its simplest form and in other cases it involves bring 2 or more families together under one household, i.e. several members of extending family living together with three or more working adults equally contributing to the household. This is not always easy to achieve as there may often be conflicts and issues that arise and that can test the patience of all parties involved, but this is not to say it is not possible. As long as guidelines and rules shave been established, this can provide a quick means to getting in the position of hitting the ground running when it comes to financial means.

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Natural Skin Brightening Techniques

There are various ways to take good care of your skin. But one thing we can all agree on is that, exfoliation is definitely a must. Whether you do it once a week or biweekly, exfoliating your skin is certainly a good habit that everyone must take on. Especially so during the winter months when skin is drier and can appear extremely dull and sometimes even flaky. One way to combat the wintery effects on your skin is by using a natural skin brightening mask or treatment once every week to two weeks.


How to Brighten Skin by Exfoliating

Yes, exfoliating and removing those dull, lifeless skin cells can bring forth a natural glow, brought on by the youth skin cells now being exposed and the stimulation of blood flow providing more oxygen to those cells, giving a vibrant youthful appearance.

You can start once every two weeks if you are not use to exfoliating and try with a simple mixture of cinnamon and honey with or without a few drops of lemon and go from there. If you don’t have any cinnamon, then you can substitute baking soda in place of the cinnamon or simply alternate the two (cinnamon vs baking soda), every two to three months.


How to Brighten Your Skin By Removing Impurities

Properly cleansing your skin is must for revealing youthful, glowing skin. A good cleanser can go a long way when it comes to deep cleaning your skin. There are plenty of natural cleansers available out there, but a good natural soap like an oatmeal based soap is a great way to cleanse and help remove dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation.

Using natural alkaline clay based masks are also a great way for cleansing and toning the skin revealing beautiful, healthy skin. It is very easy to make clay based masks at home. If you are interested in making your own clay mask that helps you keep your skin thriving check out this article.

Clays such as Kaolin, Bentonite Clay, and Rhassoul Clay are just a few options for you to consider when it comes to taking good care of your skin sans the chemicals or synthetic additives you might encounter with store bought skin care masks.

You can even switch things up with your clay masks if you so choose to because they are so versatile. For instance you can use Aloe Vera juice in place of water, you can also use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to make the perfect skin friendly and pH balancing clay mask.


Skin Brightening Through Natural Skin Treatments

When it comes to skin brightening removal of skin blemishes and discoloration is an absolute must.  There are plenty of options for removal of unwanted blemishes and dark spots or discoloration and some of the best options available are plant based.

Nature has its wonders and healing of the body both inside and out can be found in nature if you know where to look and how to make use of what you find. The various ways of putting to good use the natural resources available to us through nature is nothing short of amazing!

One of our favorite herbs to use when it comes to skin brightening is Turmeric, this is most certainly one of the most powerful herbs you can use in you skin care regimen. Turmeric paired with milk and honey is a great combination, and even turmeric simply mixed with a little bit of honey to make a medium thick paste, with transcend you skin care regime to a whole new level of greatness.

Turmeric not only fights the germs that are responsible for skin breakouts, but it also helps to fade away the blemishes and dark spots left behind by breakouts and various skin ailments. It is up to you how often you want to use this skin treatment, but we find that twice a week is good enough and you will most certainly notice a different in your skins health with a two week period.


Choosing the Right Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturizing your skin, what works for you might not work for someone else even if you are related. Your skin and skin conditions are a product of not only DNA, but of what you eat and choose to put in and on your body.

If you are searching for a good moisturizer you may want to try light water based moisturizers and then work your way from that if you find your skin to be drier than usual. You also have to bare in mind external factors such as weather which can take a toll on your skin. So plan according when it comes to supplying your skin with much needed moisture, as well as, protection.


If you live in areas with harsh climate, you often times than not will find it necessary to have a good moisturizer for hotter months and another for colder months. So you should certainly make it a point of choosing a good moisturizer that works for your skin type during the summer time and one that will also work for you during the winter time.



Good skin care is a must, especially in todays chemically filled world. We not only need to ensure we are putting healthy foods in our bodies, but on our skin as well. If we feed our skin the nutrients it needs, it will reward us with it glowing beauty. And one way to ensure we get as many nutrients supplied to our skin as possible is through the use of the proper cleansers, exfoliants, and treatments that it needs.

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Healthy Portions For Thanksgiving

In the US, today is a day celebrated as Thanksgiving and a time for reuniting with family and loved ones and there is nothing more satisfying than be surrounded by those who love and care for you. We here at healthy living from head to toe, would like to wish all our subscribers and visitors a Happy Thanksgiving, especially those who are in the US. For all those outside of the US, we know you may celebrate this day at a different time during the year, but one day is not enough for giving thanks. So we hope and pray that wherever you find yourself today, that you find something to be thankful for and make it a day of reflecting over all the good and make it a point to reach out to those you love and be thankful for them.



Starting Out Your Thanksgiving Day

First of, starting your day with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, may prove very helpful in helping you carry on through the day as you get to meet and greet new and old family members. Now, this is best when done a week or two prior, but it doesn’t hurt to start the day of either. One way of making sure you amp up your defense against cold and or  flu is to drink lots of ginger and lemon tea.

Starting off the day with a warm cup of lemon tea, not only boosts your Vitamin C levels, but also giving you an add boost in energy. You will certainly feel more energized and ready to take on the day and for those suffering with sinus issues, there is added benefit for you as well, as the lemon tea will clear up that cloudy, achy,  stuffed up feeling. Leaving you with the feeling like you are taking in a breath of fresh air and are ready to take on the day.



Eating Healthy on Thanksgiving

When we come to this time of year, we are less worried about what we eat being on the healthy scale of things, but it is possible to be healthier or at least eat healthier even on Thanksgiving and here is how.

First off, choose organic ingredients – your greens, meat, flour, etc. are great ways to ensure the meals prepared are healthier.

Second, prepare what you can in a pressure cooker and or clay pot – these cooking vessels will help keep the nutrients in your food – so fewer nutrients are lost. With a pressure cooker, such as this, you get the nutrients locked in as you would a clay pot, but in a fraction of the time. If you have plenty of time then, by all means opt for a clay pot like this and you will have slow cooked meals prepped with most the nutrients present. Which makes for a healthier mealtime all together.

Third, make sure your plate is dominated by veggies and plant based foods, with a quarter of your plate being meat. For a reference or example, take a look at the pic below.



This will provide you with lots of healthy nutrients and less unhealthy portions that can contribute to weight gain and inflammatory response in the body.



It is possible to eat healthy during the holidays and Thanksgiving is no different from other family gathering oriented holidays, so enjoy your Thanksgiving and make meal times as healthy as possible by make sure your plate is dominated by plant based foods and limit the meat. You don’t have to total avoid certain foods, especially during the holidays… after all it is okay to indulge every now and then. Just be sure you are more mindful of the portions you eat and make health conscious decisions through the ingredients used in food preparations, as well as, the proportions of meats to plant based foods.


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Viking Pressure Cooker Review

Viking makes a great pressure cooker for your stovetop that is sure to please. Using the Viking Pressure Cooker is quite simple and helps make quick work of meal prepping and certainly should be considered in place of an electric pressure cooker in our honest opinion. As you read through our Viking Pressure Cooker Review, let us know in the comments section below if you own one and what is your favorite food to make in your Viking Pressure Cooker.

What’s So Good About the Viking Pressure Cooker

The Viking Pressure cooker is much like any stovetop pressure cooker. However, it is set apart from the rest in that it is durable tri ply stainless steel and has distinguishing features that gives it the look of a pot and a pressure cooker rolled into one. Less of a bulky, space hogging design and more of a compact and thoughtful design from the heat proof handles to the simple, but sensible locking mechanism to ensure safety in preparing taste full course meals in a fraction of the time.



Simply get your ingredients together and put them in the pot. Any sides you would like to have can be easily made by placing them in the steamer basket that comes along with the Viking Pressure Cooker. You can even use PIP (Pot in Pot) method of cooking to create many healthy recipes all at once. But do be mindful of the time needed to cook your meals in order to avoid over cooking and some instances, undercooking certain foods.


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Simple healthy meals like fish with a side of broccoli and steamed leafy greens can all be made all at once. Healthy nutrition starts with your plate so, plan accordingly to ensure you get well on your way to healthy living by making delicious healthy recipes with your Viking Pressure Cooker.

You will be pleased to know that this pressure cooker provides easy to follow instructions not just on how to use it, but also on how long to cook certain meals and or foods which makes it that much easier to gauge and plan what foods would cook best together in the pot without to much of a difference in cooking time.


How to use the Viking Pressure Cooker

After prepping your food and placing it in the cooker, make sure the silicone seal gasket is properly in place on the lid and that the easy lock dial properly closes by setting the lid onto the pot evenly, making sure that it is aligned with the body of the pot. Then, turn the dial counterclockwise until the knob lines up to the “closed” mark and the knob or dial stops clicking. You may need to apply some pressure to make sure the lid closes properly, bu that is not all that necessary if you aligned your lid properly.


Then, place the pressure release valve in position 1 for low pressure or position 2 for high pressure – what postion you use, of course, depends on what you are cooking.

For safety reasons, make sure your cooker is sitting flat on the the burner and use  burner size and flame size (if using gas) to prevent flames lapping over the edges of the pot.

Start with heat on high to quickly pressurized the pot even if you plan to cook with low pressure. The pressure indicator (red tipped valve) will release some steam and once that stem has released, it will quickly rise up. Once the pressure indicator is all the way up, you should lower the heat to a point where the pressure indicator can still stand fully upright. Please do NOT attempt to open pot lid at this point because your stovetop cooker is now fully pressureized and doing so will cause a burst of steam to be released and most like  resulting in injury.

One your pressure cooker is pressurized, your cooking time begins and it should be smooth sailing from there on.

Once cooking time is achieved (based on meal being prepared), you can turn the steam vent to release the steam, making sure to be a safe distance from the released pressurized steam.

You can choose a fast release or slow release of the pressurized steam, but with both methods you should definitely wait for the red pressure indicator to go all the way down, then and only then is it safe to open your pressure cooker.

Using one hand to hold on to the handle and your other hand to turn the easy lock dial clockwise will further help you safely open your stovetop Viking Pressure Cooker.


How Hard is Cleanup?

Well, cleanup is of course a breeze and is easily done because you will have one or two pots (depending on method of cooking) to clean and that is always a good thing.

If by any chance you get any food stuck onto the bottom of the pot, then you can simply fill the pot midway with water and let it boil for a little over ten minutes. And then let cool and then easily scrub away burnt or stuck on foods and you are good as new.




I hope you give the Viking Pressure Cooker a try and if you already have one, please let us know in the comment  section below. We would love to hear from you your likes and your dislikes and whether you think owning a stovetop pressure cooker is at all worth it.

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