Best Fragrance Free Soap

This is the best fragrance free soap, hands down, in our honest opinion. It is made of all natural ingredients and is highly beneficial to the skin and leaves skin feeling very clean without stripping all the oils. It is a great way to cleanse the body from head to toe without the worries of reactions to fragrances. The best fragrance free soap is non other than, the African Black Soap.

What is African Black Soap?

African Black Soap is a handcrafted soap, made of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and or palm oil, cocoa butter, and ash from the burning of plantains peels (this is often used as a natural source of lye).

Are there any Harsh Ingredients in this soap?

So, you may be wondering , are there any harsh ingredients in this soap? Modern day soaps are filled with various ingredients, from fragrances to dyes that can cause irritation to the skin. But as for African Black Soap, it is as simple as it gets when it comes to natural, irritation free soaps.

So, are there any harsh ingredients in African Black Soap? The answer is absolutely not.

Now, you may recall we did mention lye as one of the ingredients used and although it is from a natural source (ash from burning plants like the peels of plantains and or the leaves from palm trees), some may find its use worrisome. But there is no need to worry, the natural lye that is used is neutralized during the soap making process -saponificaton. And it is highly valuable to the formation of the soap.

All in all, the ingredients used in African Black Soap are all natural and plant based ingredients, so no need to worry or have concerns related to reacting to artificial ingredients or fragrances.

Where is the African Black Soap Made?

Most authentic African Black Soaps are made in the African country of Ghana. But be sure to purchase from a company that participates in fair trade and shows evidence of fair compensation of the Ghanaian workers and manufacturing organizations.

This ensures good, ethical trade practices, thereby limiting the possibilities that craftsman and artisans are taken advantage and further ensures that they are earning a sustainable living. Because too often than not, the middleman and end seller make the most profits while the hard worker earn very, very little wages.

Where Can I Purchase African Black Soap?

There are multiple online vendors, we can provide you with this product if you are interested, just leave us a comment and we will send you a link to purchase.  We source our black soap directly from Ghana and have a rigid quality inspection process.

If you are choosing an online vendor, be sure to use a trusted company, as some companies sell subpar products and in one horrible online experience, moldy, smelly products (and this was from a very well know bulk products company).

If you live in an ethically diverse are, you should have an easier time finding this soap, as they may be available in various ethnic grocery shops, as well as, boutiques and kiosks that sell African goods.

What is African Black Soap Good For?

African Black Soap is good for various skins aliments and provides a mild exfoliation to the skin as an added bonus. So, what is African a Black Soap good for? Well, here are a few of the conditions that African Black Soap is good for.

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dry (flaky) skin
  • Eczema
  • Acne prone skin (face & body)
  • Oil skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Splotchy uneven skin tone

…and many more. So, give it a try and find the many beneficial ways in which you can benefit from African Black Soap, one being as a simple way to cleanse your scalp and hair, in place of shampoo….


When it comes to fragrance free soap, African Black soap is the way to go. You just can’t go wrong and in due time you will reap the benefits (after all, there is nothing to loose). But, we suggest you give it a go for at least a month (but we have noticed results as fast as 2 to 3 weeks. Let us know if you are an African Black Soap user or if you do decide to give it a try because of us…let us know your results and what you think. And feel free to share the many ways in which you make use of it.

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