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Health is not just limited to the body and physique. The way you present your hair is also a way of reflecting your health, because it shows what is going on within your body. If you are in poor health internally, then your hair will reflect it and it will show through dull, lifeless, breaking hair. So, help your hair reflect its true health by selecting the right healthy hair products for your hair that will help show the good health not only from within but from without.

How to Select the Right Healthy Hair Products for Your Hair

Choosing the right products for your hair starts with understanding what works for your hair and what does not. What works for one head of hair may or may not work for another head of hair, so keep that in mind when researching products for your healthy head of hair.

There are plenty of hair products out there masquerading as organic, natural, healthy products, but not all “natural” hair products are created equally and some are just as bad as or even worse than chemically laden products.

When looking at natural hair products make sure to looking at the ingredients listing – the first five ingredients are the main ingredients that make up the majority of the product, so definitely make sure those ingredients are ingredients that work well for your hair. You should then take a look at the rest of the other ingredients to ensure there are no ingredients present that you do not want in the products (be it animal derived or not, synthetics, or just something that you have a sensitivity to…).

A general rule of thumb when selecting all-natural products is to avoid products that have ingredients listed that are very difficult to pronounce, i.e. synthetic chemical names. This of course does not include Scientific ‘ names of plant based ingredients that are so often found listed in most natural products today. But, in most cases these products often have the name of the plant based ingredients listed along with their scientific name.

What to Look for in a Good Hair Product

Good natural hair products are identifiable first by the listed ingredients, but most importantly they are often identifiable by their scents. Most well formulated natural hair products have a clean and plant like scent, as opposed to their synthetic counterparts.

Look for nourishing oils and butters that will help lock in moisture, as well as, strengthen your hair strands. The best natural products will often times contain exotic butters and plant based ingredients that may not be readily available in your area, but this does not have to be the case in order to have a good natural product on hand.

Products like this are a great way to start, as well as, maintain healthy hair regimens.

What to Look for in Natural Products When Dealing with Damaged Hair

If your hair is prone to breakage and is dry and weakened from poor hair regimen and damaging styling tools, then here is what you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to hair products. So, what to look for in natural products when dealing with damaged hair? Well, natural ingredients that strengthen and moisturized the hair are a good start, but you should also seek ingredients that contain ceramides. One such ingredient is safflower oil. That is because safflower oil has natural ceramides that help strengthen and temporarily repair damaged hair cuticles.

So, What are Creamides?

Ceramides are naturally found in hair cuticles, as well as the skin. Ceramides are fats or oils that have a high percentage of Linoleic Acid. Ceramides are a type of fatty acid that act as a protective barrier that coats the hair cuticles helping prevent moisture loss and damage to the hair.

Ceramides also help nourish and strengthen the hair strands further providing hair with much needed protection and resilience against various damaging elements.

What Oils Should I Be Looking for in My Products When It Comes to Ceramides?

Certain plant based oils such as Wheat germ Oil are a great source of ceramides.

However, there are several oils that are loaded with linoleic acid (LA) which is a major component of ceramides and therefore will help boost the production and or present ceramides naturally present between the hair cuticles. Some of these natural ceramide building oils are Cottonseed Oil, Sesame Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Grape Seed Oil. The high percentage of LA in these oils makes them great hair fortifiers and therefore, ingredients that would be highly desired when seeking out good, effective natural hair products.


Ceramides are essential to overall maintenance of hair and can serve as an essential ingredient when it comes to revitalizing hair that has been severely damaged, so it is no wonder that it makes the list of necessary ingredients to look for in healthy hair products. And since good health is not just reflective through our body or physique, we should definitely make every effort we can to make sure our hair is in as good a health just as our body.

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