General Wellness | Five Things to Do for Good Health

General wellness checkups are extremely important to maintaining good health, so here are five things to do for good health. These tips also serve as preventative care to stave off any possible decline in health.

1. Start Building a Great Diet and Exercise Regimen

Get a wellness check done so you are aware of your health status as you start on your wellness journey.

Get a wellness check done at least once or twice a year (at the beginning and end of the year). This will help guide you when it comes to the health related changes you may need to make, as well as, give you a better reference point.  Plus, you will have the added bonus of consulting with your physician before making any changes that may drastically affect you and your health. So checkups for general wellness is certainly among the top five  things to do regularly in order to stay in good health.

There are about 91 essential nutrients the body needs everyday, 60 of them are minerals like calcium, phosphorus, silica, which are found in soil, so eating plenty of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and greens on a regular basis is a must…frozen is okay when necessary or if fresh plant based foods are not readily available in your area or region. In other words, make sure organically grown plants, preferably,  homegrown greens are a dominating part of your diet.

Other things you can do include, but not limited to swapping out your table salt for unprocessed or unrefined Sea Salt. Make sure you are getting plenty of natural vitamin A, C, & E from the foods you eat or from natural means of supplementation.

Reduce your intake of sugar and sugar filled products (sugar can cause your immune system to not function correctly and can even prevent it from working at all it has been said that Sugar will keep your immune system suppressed for up to 6 hours).

Drink lots of water and replenish any lost electrolytes, especially during workouts or situations where you sweat a lot.

Weight Management – exercise…get your body moving for at least  20 minutes even if it is a light workout.

2. Dental Care

When it comes to our teeth and even our mouth, a lot of us forget that it can have an impact on our overall health – so you definitely want to take a good look at your dental regimen to make sure you are taking good care of your teeth.

Lack of proper dental hygiene can not only lead to problems with your teeth, but also issues within your body as it can also affect your heart health. Flossing is a great way to maintain proper health of your teeth, it helps get rid of anything that is in between your teeth and can potentially cause cavities or create an environment for microorganisms such as bacteria to grow and fester.

Create or make your own natural mouthwash rinses using herbs such as Rosemary or Thyme & and even spices such as cinnamon and sea salt to create a healthy natural solution that is great as an anti-microbial rinse for your mouth.

3. Get Involved in Church

If you believe in God, then you most definitely can attest to the healing effects you can have when you attend church regularly.

There is an indescribable atmosphere and essence that fills the room when you choose to serve and praise the Lord, especially, when you do so through fellowship and communion with other Christian believers.

Your fellowship with others does not have to stop or end with Sunday services. Getting deeply rooted in 1 or 2 of your church’s regular gatherings, i.e. Bible Study, Group Workout Sessions, monthly retreats, and various regularly held activities is highly recommended.

Plan to attend a least one Church event on a quarterly or semi-annual basis and get involved with community service opportunities your Church may be involved in.

Interacting with other Christians on a regular basis can really help you stay grounded and can even help take away some of the stresses of everyday life.

4. Great Stress Management

Stress supresses the immune system and can cause it to stop working altogether. So try these suggestions for reducing and letting go of stress.

> address the stressful situations in your life
> learn to forgive and not hold on to unforgiveness
> surround yourself with positive people and people who share your aspirations.

> find time to unwind and listen to your favorite music
> meditate, it can help lower stress and also boost your immune system
> take the time and go out and enjoy nature
> explore the benefits of “Earthing” and get grounded, literally. Come in contact with the earth, whether you are laying on sand or soil, or even immersing your body in the ocean can help your body get in tune on a whole other level…. More research is needed, but there are health benefits that can come of it. Supposedly, the Earth’s negative charges can help balance the positive charges that result in our bodies over the course of time due to stress.

Earthing mats are available if you can’t always get outside, but nothing beats the real deal, so make time to get out there and spend time in God’s creation.

> get plenty of rest which can have a positive impact on your mood and in dealing with the day to day stress factors.
> get in the habit of laughing more! This helps release tension and stress and can help put you and others in a good mood.

5. Minimize exposure to toxins

In today’s world, toxins are found pretty much everywhere and even in some unlikely  places.

No one wants to think of their home as a source of everyday exposure to toxins, but it unfortunately often is….from carpeting to computers – you are highly likely to find sources of toxins in your home.

The treatments used in the carpet making process may prove to have a negative effect on your health and the gas released from your computer while it is on and in efforts to try to cool itself off, are just a couple of avenues of toxic exposures that you may not have thought of or even be aware of.

Everyday items that we use such as detergents, cleaning solutions for tubs, toilets, etc. all contain chemicals that overtime can have a negative impact on the body.

Now there are natural alternatives to these harsh chemically laddened, miracle, cleaning solutions, but it is up to us to make the decision as to whether we are willing to forego our health in order to get instant cleaning results. Or would we rather put in a bit of “elbow grease” and time in order to have better health in the long run.

Healthy Living Patricia Bright

Natural alternatives like  apple cider vinegar, baking soda, steam, all have their own distinct cleansing properties and appeals and can be highly effective when used consistently and in the right concentrations.

Natural alternatives like apple cider vinegar is not only great for cleaning, but can also be great for sanitizing various surfaces.

Other sources of toxic exposure that we might not think of that can be lurking around our home and even affect our outdoor activities are electromagnetic fields generated by powerlines…food toxins, pollution, exhaust fumes, just to name a few.

Now I am aware that we cannot possibly avoid every single one of the listed sources of toxins; however, we can minimize our exposure and engage in various healthy habits that will help combat whatever negative effects may come from regular exposure to such toxins.


General wellness is our own responsibility and it is within us to change and make things right when we so choose and deem it necessary. I hope these 5 things you should do regularly to stay in good health when it comes to general wellness prove very helpful in keeping you in good health. If you enjoy reading this article, please sign up or subscribe, so you can be notified when we post new articles –  it lets us know you enjoy what we post and find it useful. Do NOT forget to also share our post.

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